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SOCIAL: Creeds Collective Influencer Presentation

The holiday season can only mean one thing in New York City - pop up shops galore! This past Wednesday, in the heart of Soho, we were treated to a preview night of shopping at THE TOKENS: Creeds Collective Influencer Presentation. Instead of the usual $5 Pashmina scarves overcrowded tourist trap, these gifts were for the fashionista at heart with socially conscious brands. Shoppers were in abundance, eagerly looking around with a glass of Zipz Wine, a single serve plastic wine glass to keep guests scouring the multi-layered shop.

Our personal favorites were the Dharma Eyewear Co.which had a wall filled with any type of sunglasses your heart desired. We soon learned that not only are they fashion forward, but for every pair bought, Dharma donates 5% of each sale to Optometry Giving Sight, a charity that helps provide eye exams and glasses to those who cannot afford it. Already feeling better about our indulgence, we sprung for a tortoise pair that we could see any Captain Kennedy in their New England mansion this holiday season.

Some of our other favorite brands included ties by Rail and River, festive-yet-tasteful socks by Soxiety, and cufflinks by Grandino. While grabbing some delicious pastries by Bread Bakery, we bumped into shoppers Abigail Breslin, Jamal Jackson, and Liz Black who were all thrilled to be shopping at the innovative pop-up shop. Working our way back downstairs, we knew we had to learn exactly the origins of Creeds Collective and snagged an quick word with the co-founders of the event, Evie Phillips and Stephanie Halphen, to learn more about the inspiration behind the event. Here is what Phillips had to say:

"Honestly, we recently merged both of our companies, Stephanie coming from a pop-up background and wholesale, myself coming from conscience consumerism and charitable philanthropic planning, both fashion based companies. Now we've created Creeds Collective, this wonderful holiday pop-up shop which gives 10% of the proceeds back to Global Citizens and enables emerging designers to have a platform to showcase their awesome designs and showcase their social responsibility pride into their manufacturing and business structure. It's helping small businesses, really allowing them to put their product in the face of an consumer, the way a trade shows cost thousands of dollars, so now they are able to be in front of the consumer. Sort of like e-commerce, but in a pop-up style, physically for us and for the brand."

Shop Creeds Collective every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. now until December 28th at 54 Crobsy Steeet and look at their website

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