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SOCIAL: "Men and Women Talking About Love and Sex"

Rainy Saturday nights in New York aren't for going out to that new bar and running the risk of ruining your newest dress and ending up with your hair a mess. They are made classing it up, going to the theater, and doing some research on our favorite topics: men, love, sex, relationships. We found all of that when we attended the opening weekend of the Off-Broadway show, "Men and Women Talking Love and Sex.” If you are looking for a happy ending or a candy-coated version of love, this isn't the play for you. The beginning of the central relationship to the demise gave us a “500 Days of Summer”-esque feeling, but that is where the comparisons end. The hilariously honest commentary by a three member peanut gallery on the relationship’s every step added a unique touch and kept the audience on their toes, laughing all night. Our personal favorite was the vivacious blonde peanut gallery member Karen Stanion, whose character gave us the most laughs while showing a hidden layer of depth...and making us crave a bottle of Pinot Noir after the show!

The play focuses on the differences of men and women, particularly the fact that they live in two different worlds, which leads to a lack of communication. This theme was exhibited perfectly early on, when the men and women are together - but separate - on stage, talking about that dreaded phone call after your first date. Who calls, how long you should wait, the list goes on and on. Men going to the bar and drinking beer, women sitting at home and drinking wine. The men telling their friend to not bother calling, the women anxiously waiting for "the phone call" while analyzing every minute detail of the date (we have ALL been there before). Without giving too much away, that constant theme and complete lack of communication skills leads to the ultimate demise of a promising relationship.

Putting a fresh spin on the theater experience, the audience can enter a contest to win $100 by taking a #selfie with the hashtag #MAWTLAS after Act 1 and when the show is over.

men and women talking about love and sex

"Men and Women Talk Love and Sex" is running through January 10th at The Davenport Theatre, 354 West 45th Street

Visit their website at

Review by Nisim Frank

Photographs provided by the production

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