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SOCIAL: Erickson Beamon x LeSportsac Collaboration Party

Traveling season is upon us, whether we like or not. Whether visiting your hometown, your boyfriends parents (ugh), or taking a trip down south to escape the NYC cold, we know you need to travel in style. For those who don't want to lug around a large duffel that smashes into fellow travelers, and want to remain in style, we have the answer for you. Timeless jewelry brand Erickson Beamon has partnered with travel brand LeSportsac to create a 36 piece collection of a variety of travel accessories. We attended the collaboration's launch party pop-up and got a closer look at what they had to offer. Our favorites were the "Brooke Cosmetic Bag," which fits everything imaginable into one bag and the classic "Margaux Crossbody," which allows you to pack as lightly and efficiently as possible.


“It was so important to incorporate signature elements of Erickson Beamon into this collection," said Erickson Beamon founder Karen Erickson. "I had so much fun: I love textiles, and it’s no surprise that I love to play with proportion and color. I enlarged images of the jewelry to create my own prints. The result is at once photorealistic and somewhat abstract.”

After shopping the collection, we were invited to iconic spot Ladurée where macarons, light bites, and champagne awaited guests. The French inspired atmosphere set the perfect tone for the rest of the evening. Dim lighting, french speaking waitresses and timeless music really had us believing - just for a hour - that we were magically transported to France for the night. Guests were raving about the collection left and right and were pleasantly surprised when they were handed a gift bag at the end of the evening with a select accessory from the collection.


Shop the collaboration at

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