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SOCIAL: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

lilly pulitzer for target
lilly pulitzer for target

Smack in the drab of NYC Winter, what can be more exciting then a fashion mystery and Target's latest design collaboration at that. Showing at at the Four Seasons, we were escorted upstairs where a bunch of clues to just whom the designer may be. After reading the first one, we immediately shouted "Lilly Pulitzer" and were proved right as soon as we opened the doors.

Walking in, we were transported to our latest vacation destination with a pool in the center, models spiraled out hammocks, exotic birds, and fruity drinks galore- The only thing missing was a fancy umbrella! The limited edition collection features prints exclusively made by Pulitzer's artists for the Target collaboration. Expect everything but the kitchen sink from this 250 piece collection ranging from Pulitzer's stunning apparel to shoes for women and girls, and even home accessories ranging from beach travel gear- you can buy the hammock and umbrellas- to throw blankets, pillows, the whole works.

Perfect for you and your #CaptainKennedy as endorsed by Jackie Kennedy herself, the collection will be hitting stores and online April 19th...It's going to be a spring filled of pastels and resort wear!

Check out pictures from the event on our site and on instagram and at the hashtag #lillyfortarget

lilly pulitzer for target

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