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#MusicMonday: Coco Chanel - CHAZZZY

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Like most phresh music acts nowadays, Chicago’s CHAZZZY (nee Chaz Allen), is 17 years old and makes music on his MacBook. Under the name Metallic Ghosts, Allen organized two web-only festivals from his bedroom featuring six artists he’d never met. Composed of “Internet friends,” Allen coined their virtual scene “vaporwave.” Although after just two festivals, Allen has already announced the “final eulogy” for vaporwave. “As soon as you name something,” he says, “it’s going to take off and die.”

Well vaporwave may be dead, but recent tracks show that CHAZZZY is alive and well. In “Coco Chanel,” the teen melds two songs very close to my heart, two songs one would never expect to play in the same hour, let alone on top of one another [insert inappropriate joke ici]. The first is Air France’s “Collapsing at Your Doorstep,” an ethereal Balearic gem whose gentle beauty often brings my sad ass to tears; the second, O.T. Genasis’s “CoCo,” a trap ditty that makes me want to brush the dirt of my shoulders and snort yayo with the fervor of Dina Lohan. Needless to say, the combination got me feelin some typa way! Bravo, young thug, bravo.

By Anna Dorn

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