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NYFW A/W2015: Degen

Every NYFW, we look forward to the few shows that will offer us a surprise. We were thrilled when we saw Degen's invite come in and knew we were in for a treat. Lindsay Degen created an eye-popping rainbow print-on-print collection, filled with acid tripping perfection. More than anything, we love the playfulness of the models, showing they are there to have a good time in Degen's clothing versus the too cool bored look we have tired of at past presentations. We caught up with Degen to ask her what inspires her and as always she surely did not disappoint.

LM: We love the collection!

LD: Thank you!

LM: Tell us about your inspiration behind it.

LD: I was- and really am frustrated with the current wholesale and retail environment; stores don't pay, they have big egos, they don't take any risks anymore and I was thinking about the 1961 Claes Oldenburg exhibition called "store" where he sold like over-sized every day objects and he made them into sculpture format and they weren't useless at all. So the set is kind of that, where I have these large sweater objects that are not wearable but they reference sweaters and are art object...And the collection has this motif moving through it which is the rainbow thread, which is like not only a process where we start from a thread and knit everything, also that hopefully the industry can flow and move past it.

LM: And not take itself so seriously

LD: Right! And in the middle, we have an all black look which is specifically for the buyers.

LM: laughs

LM: The black pants (referring to the guy with the knitted black pants), what are they made out of?

LD: They are all knit, its a knitting technique called "Short Rowing"

LM: What is your favorite mens piece?

LD: It's hard because different guys are rocking things in their own way, but I really like the tall guy with the beard over there, I like how the printed rainbow thread is working with the other rainbow thread.

LM: Give us three words to describe your collection.

LD: Fuck You Buyers!

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