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NYFW: A/W2015 Saunder


This past summer Emily Saunders, designer of the well known brand Saunder, visited England to spark her creative juices for her fall collection. Referring to Hilary Mantel's historical literature, she seamlessly adapted her writing into a royal inspired pieces that left us in awe. The first stand out key points were the exaggerated pale make-up that complimented the historical looks.


Saunders manages to capture the romanticism of 1500s era with luxurious gowns and dresses while bringing in the masculinity of King Henry VIII. The leathers, tweeds, and tartans that were detailed with studs in various colors gave a perfect balance of soft vs. hard in each look that came down the runway. We appreciated her attention to even the tiniest of details, such as the ear pieces and the matching nails that made us want to claw our way to the front to get the closest view. The packed crowd was eagerly snapping away at the timeless collection, raving to each other how this was their favorite season so far.


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