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MUSE: Preston Alan DeNunzio

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Preston Alan DeNunzio is good looking, we can all agree to that. But it's his innate talent in perfect poses, effortlessly cool personal style and endless knowledge on sports and music that truly keeps us coming back for more. Jesus locks and all, we took time out of his busy hair dying schedule to find out what keeps his motivation, inspires his acting and how exactly to woe him in confidence. Read on to find out this and more about Mr. DeNunzio himself.

Where are you from?


Does your hometown have an influence on your career?

I'm from the Midwest so I think my laid back chill humble vibe helps me out a lot.

Which came first, modeling or acting?

Acting came first, modeling came later. I had some photographer friends who thought I might have success.

What influenced you these career goals?

I've always wanted to be an actor since I was seven. My dad would sit down with me every Saturday and we'd watch movies all day.

What inspires your style now?

I guess I tend more towards streetwear, but honestly I just like to feel comfortable. Whatever comfort looks like, that's what my style reflects.

What are some of your favorite brands that you feel can seemingly transition into any outfit?

I really love Dope because those guys aren't afraid to try different things and they have a baggy fit. Also Fear of God LA, those guys are genius. My dad put Nikes on my feet as a kid and I never looked back, I think it's safe to say Nike is second to none.

What city or country’s style vibe do you connect with the most?

I guess I'm a mut - I've lived in Ohio, Florida, NYC/Brooklyn and now Los Angeles. I think it's important to believe you can learn something from any age group or culture. But if I had to pick one, def NYC.

Which country/city do you feel is the most daring and adventurous with their style?

I think there are daring fashionistas everywhere, but as a whole I'd have to say it's a tie LA/NYC.

What was your worst fashion choice?

When I was a kid I wore a lot of pooka shell necklaces. It was a very dark time in my life. Haha

How would you label or define your style?

My style is best described as Homeless Athletic. A grungy up to date look. Ripped Tees, Nike leggings with a pair of basketball shorts and some fresh kicks.

Who are some of your style icons?

I don't know if If I have a style icon. I try to pull from a lot of places. My friend Cory is pretty swaggy, we have similar styles, we feed off each other's looks I think.

How does what you wear affect your mood?

I don't like feeling like "why did I wear this?" So if I'm uncomfortable it affects my mood, but I wouldn't say I ever show it.

Do you have a go-to first date item?

I don't plan any outfits, dates or not. I kind of just get out of the shower, throw on some music and dress myself over the period of like and hour or so.

Have you dated anyone from modeling/acting gigs, or do you keep it professional?

I've had little flings within this industry, always very fun but never anything serious.

What’s the most attractive article of clothing a woman can wear?

The most attractive thing a women can we wear is confidence. Call it cliche but I believe everyone has their own style, so just as long as you comfortable that's what works for me.

What's your number one advice you tell yourself when romantically interested in a woman?

I always tell myself to clean the slate and not hold anything against someone for something somebody else has done. Does that make sense? ::laughs::

What is your biggest fashion pet-peeve?

Any remaining Ed Hardy clothing should be burnt on national television so everyone can learn from their fashion malfeasance.

What current trend do you hope goes away as soon as possible?

I don't follow trends, or no one in particular so. I'll just say Abercrombie and Fitch, haha.

Finish the sentence…”I never leave home without my…”

I never leave home without my phone, wallet and keys - thanks momma bear.

Any funny/horrifying dating stories?

One time I went back to a girl's studio apartment, she had 6 dogs living in there with her, the smell was horrifying. I kindly thanked her for the invite then called an Uber.

Lastly, words you live by?

You don't kill me, I kill me.

Axel Arigato, thing thing, Preston alan denunzio, i love ugly, jutt dare
Axel Arigato, thing thing, Preston alan denunzio, i love ugly, jutt dare
Axel Arigato, thing thing, Preston alan denunzio, i love ugly, jutt dare
Axel Arigato, thing thing, Preston alan denunzio, i love ugly, jutt dare

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