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SOCIAL: Fashion 2.0 Awards

We had behind the scenes coverage for the Fashion 2.0 Awards, now in its 6th year since, created in 2010. Unlike any other fashion awards, these are truly a collaborative effort between industry insiders and die-hard fashion fans with winners voted on by the public. Legendary shoe designer Sam Edelman was there to deliver a keynote dedicated to digital media and its supreme role in the business today. Before getting to his hosting duties - which entertained us for the entire evening - we chatted with TV personality, stylist, and overall fashion icon Robert Verdi.

Labeling Men: Robert Verdi, you're looking awesome tonight!

Robert Verdi: Thank you!

Labeling Men: Tell us what inspired this blazer of yours.

Robert Verdi: It's Saint Laurent, but unlike what some other people are wearing, this is the real deal. It's a joke I always have with my friends when they ask me what I'm wearing. "Oh, it's Saint Laurent but its not your Saint Laurent, it's the full price." My fantasy is to be in black tie everyday, to wake up in it. You should always look like you're going somewhere better later or that you're coming from somewhere better. I think that's the way to live your life, going some place better or coming from some place better. Step up your game!

Labeling Men: Definately! What spring trends do you see for men right now? What is going to be really big?

Robert Verdi: I think men today do some trends from the women's shows. Just a little more subtle but they are definitely ever present in the men's industry. Geometric patterns are things that guys are going to wear. I would even go as far to say patterned trousers. I actually like the floral trend we are seeing in women's clothing start to touch the menswear too, floral patterned shirts. It's no longer just London giving beautiful florals for men. I think it's a fun way for guys to make a bigger fashion statement with things that they already have. Jacket and jeans with a floral shirt, it amps up your style game.

Labeling Men: What is your favorite accessory to jazz up your outfit with?

Robert Verdi: I collect watches, that is the cornerstone of the men's accessory space. Watches are to men what shoes are to women, so we love to collect them and they are all outrageously expensive and they are the tell-all of your style.

Labeling Men: Thank you, so great talking to you.

Before making our way in, we also got to talk to New York Giants football player James Davidson.

Labeling Men: Tell us a little about what you're wearing today.

James Davidson: I'm wearing some Calvin Klein vest, boots from Calvin Klein, underwear!

Labeling Men: How do you bring your Texas style to the Big Apple?

James Davidson: Probably boots, cause a lot of people up here wear boots and they are really comfortable. Gives me a little height too so I can see everybody in the crowd.

Labeling Men: What's your favorite thing to wear when you're not training?

James Davidson: Some Sperrys, something comfortable but fashionable, some dark jeans too.

For those of you who didn't get to see the award show, here is the list of winners.

The 2015 Fashion 2.0 Awards Winners:

  • Best Instagram: Opening Ceremony

  • Best Facebook: H&M

  • Best Pinterest: Kate Spade

  • Best Twitter: Dior

  • Best E-Commerce: NET-A-PORTER

  • Best Interactive Retail: Rebecca Minkoff

  • Best Digital Philanthropy: Dressember

  • Best Online Video: Under Armour - "I Will What I Want"

  • Best Online Campaign: Marc Jacobs - "Cast Me Marc"

  • Best Wearable Tech: Tory Burch for Fitbit

  • Best Fashion Startup: Cosmic Cart

  • Top Innovator: Rebecca Minkoff

Written by Nisim Frank

Interviews by Rachel Vasvari

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