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SOCIAL: Andrew Werner's Birthday Rooftop Rendezvous

Friday night we attended famed fashion photographer and Fleur'd Pins designer Andrew Werner's Birthday Rooftop Rendezvous at The Empire Hotel. Werner was, as always, dressed to the nines in a Seersucker suit and his denim and seersucker Fleur'd Pin, which perfectly finished the ensemble. Werner's crowd followed his lead and we were labeling every #CaptainKennedy in attendence in their most vibrant color choices and out of this world prints. Lasting far longer than the invitation stated, people came in droves to celebrate Werner and his birthday soiree was a smash in every sense of the word. We caught up with designer Raz Keren wearing some of his new designs (which we loved), music producer Harald Austad, who has some "new shit" coming out in the next couple of weeks, and Miss Sonja Morgan, who was dressed in an immaculate LBD, immediately running over to shower Werner with affection.

From all of us at Labeling Men, Happy Birthday Andrew Werner!

Interview by Nisim Frank

Photographs by Harold Levine

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