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IN CROWD: Margie Ashcroft Video Premier Party

Last week, we headed over to The Hope Garage in Williamsburg to attend the private screening of the video debut of singer Margie Ashcroft, produced by Supervillian Music mogul Harald Austad. Margie, who has already worked with Lucky Magazine, styled ASOS shoots, and was hand-picked by Lena Dunham to model in a photo shoot. is now conquering the music world.

The night started with a special open bar, featuring their "Ratchet Sangria," which packed quite the punch. The room quickly filled up with #UrbanKings galore, and the @blkidtwins were spinning while throwing some of Margie's tunes in the mix. Guests included Rihanna's personal hairstylist, close confidante to Margie, Yusef Williams [@yusefhairnyc], stylist Assad Tyler [@assad_illmatic], and model Sharaya J [@Banjiraya]. Before the premiere, Margie gave her fans a live performance of not just "Superhigh," but her new song titled "New Shit" and fan-favorite "Joyrich".

Once the video premiered, we were enthralled with the visuals and loved Austad's production work. While "Superhigh" could be taken literally, the duo put a sexy twist with the video premiere. We snagged an exclusive interview with Margie towards the end of the night to learn her inspiration and where you can see her perform her "New Shit."

Labeling Men: What was the inspiration behind the video for "Superhigh"?

Margie Ashcroft: The inspiration was that the song came about, we realized we weren't the first ones to make a comparison between feeling of getting "Superhigh" and that feeling of love. Like when you're lusting over somebody and you know maybe it's bad or a bad guy but you get this high off of it. So instead of a literal comparison, we used this video to put it more on the love issue. We didn't want it to just be about "getting high," it's more about a feeling. We really wanted beautiful images. We were inspired by KTZ, we used Joyrich. The director came in from Norway and came up with this treatment with this concept where it was like a photo shoot that is coming to life. It's a slow build but trying to get that feeling of what we are trying to put across.

Labeling Men: You mentioned you wore KTZ and Joyrich; touch upon why you chose those brands for the video shoot.

Margie Ashcroft: Well it was a collaboration between me and my stylist, Asaad Tyler, and we wanted to pull in brands and pieces that we love and support. We're huge fans of KTZ so we definitely wanted to pull that in. Being a plus-size girl, I'm letting people know you can still wear these high-end street wear brands and they have a one-size fits all. Just because you're big doesn't give you an excuse not to play with fashion.

Labeling Men: You just premiered your latest song "New Shit." Is this going to be your next single, and where can we expect to see you live next?

Margie Ashcroft: Yes, that will actually be my next single and that will be off my new album - produced again by Supervillain - which will be dropping in September during Fashion Week. I'm going to be booking shows, so you should check out my Instagram. I'm doing a Labor Day show in Atlanta, which is a "Vogue Ball" [Not for Vogue Magazine]. This will be my second ball - the first one I ended up performing in front of Rihanna - and I'm really excited for that!

Follow Margie on Instagram @MargiePlus and check out her website to view her music video and more.

By Nisim Frank

Photographs provided by Margie Ashcroft

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