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IN CROWD: Of Clocks and Clouds Video Premiere

Saturday night, we headed over to every #EdgarAllanFaux's favorite viewing spot "Videology" for a video premiere from local Brooklyn band Of Clocks & Clouds’ recently released song "What You Need.” The bar was mixed with patrons who just got out of a "Jaws" screening and avid fans of the band, anticipating this midnight screening. We were led into the screening room where upon walking in, there was old school porn playing in the background. Because why wouldn't you have old school porn playing before your video premiere? Right before the video premiere, the duo, Joe Salgo (vocals, guitars, synths and bass) and Ross Procaccio (drums, ambient guitars and backup vocals), performed a rearranged version of their single to thunderous applause. After seeing the video, we had a few burning questions for the band. We caught up backstage with them to find out more. Without giving too much away, we delve into the concept of the video...and yes, it does indeed involve porn. Labeling Men: Tell us about your video you premiered. Joe Salgo: The video is for "What You Need," which is our latest single from our debut album that we put out last year. Ross and I were sitting around his kitchen table, just shooting around ideas and he came up with this brilliant concept and we decided to move forward with it. We wrapped shooting in January and finished editing in March. We decided to do the screening at "Videology" because it’s a great place and it’s really a celebration tonight! Labeling Men: Tell me about the concept behind the video. Ross Procaccio: The concept is basically about a lot of pleasures. With the accessibility we have today, we can access content so easily and nobody really understands what we are watching. We watch things for pain, for pleasure, and we go through these things to see what we need and what we want but at the same time, they don't see the other side of the coin. A lot of people in the creation of these things aren't enjoying themselves. The concept is that other side of the coin; it’s both our joy and the people who are creating it and their side of the story. Joe Salgo: That was the existential version of it, which is why we decided on it. It’s about a girl who has tough decisions to make and ends up shooting a porno. We don't really know whether it’s her choice or not. Labeling Men: It’s remaining ambiguous for the viewer to decide. Joe Salgo: Exactly. We aren't saying whether it’s good or bad, but it’s just something that happened, circumstantial. Ross Procaccio: The way everything is presented is through emotions. The actress who worked with us, Katya, was amazing. She did the most work throughout the process because a lot of this video is the emotion that you see in her eyes and her face. It’s not about what is actually happening but it’s about what’s going on in her mind. Labeling Men: What else is planned? Joe Salgo: Well, we're re-releasing the song via Youtube. We're two kids from Brooklyn and we do everything ourselves, we write ourselves, we produce ourselves, we make our own music and this video. We might do something backwards from time to time but we're ready to release a batch of new songs. Whether it’s an LP or an EP, we aren't sure yet, but we've been recording since the beginning of the year and they are finished and ready to go. Watch Of Clocks and Clouds latest video here and visit their site at

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