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Tuesday 7.14.15/5p.m: Malan Breton Presentation

Collection Overview:

Malan Breton is one designer that we never know what is going to come next for, and that's just the way we like it. For the Spring/Summer '16 collection, "Homme," Breton showcased sportswear, swimwear and underwear go to with his usual suiting. Taking basics and elevating them with fabrics such as silk and bamboo lend to comfort for that man who is "on-the-go." This season, Breton debuted skateboards - which at first might have you do a double-take - but everything seamlessly transitioned beautifully into the collection. Our personal favorite was seeing androgynous supermodel Rain Dove mixed in with the boys, standing out in the sea of gorgeous men surrounding her.

Wednesday 7.15.15/7p.m: Loris Diran Runway Show

Collection Overview:

We headed over to Loris Diran's presentation where we got a nice combination of both prevalent mens trends - the tailored suit and athletic wear. Our favorite looks were the ones where Diran put a tailored pant with his modern-day take on a track jacket. The majority of the tailored blazers were worn on the models bare-skinned, which really showed off the detailed craftsmanship and added a sexy twist to the collection. Playing off the idea of duality, the two-toned pieces really worked best for Diran, having them stand out from other mens collections. This up and coming brand is one for all of our labels to have on their radar this year and beyond.

Juxtaposition was the concept behind Loris Diran’s spring collection, which mixed tailored and athletic-feeling pieces. Working within a tight set of colors — blue, gray, beige and brown — Diran presented strong knits, classic blazers and double-breasted jackets with either slim, cropped pants or in drop-crotch, jodhpur styles. Contrasting swirl panels placed on outerwear added a subtle dimension to the offering. When Diran wasn’t playing with opposing ideas, he was thinking about texture and worked with fabrics ranging from Neoprene to a perma-creased gabardine.

Thursday 7.16.15/8p.m: SIKI IM/ DEN IM Runway Show

Collection Overview:

For our very first NYFW Mens runway show, we headed to the mens "tents" for the SIKI IM/ DEN IM show. The collection is a reference to the mid 1990s, when Siki picked up his first skateboard, dreaming of the glitz, glamour, and lights that New York City has to offer. Anybody who saw the collection walk down the runway could tell is was personal due to this concept. Details on the clothing such as buildings of Im's hometown in Germany really illustrated this point. We loved the streetwear inspiration combined with fitted shirts, jackets, and classic outwear pieces. The most surprising element however, was a perfomance before the show started by duo Anothy Roth Costanzo and Sam Wheeler, who paid homage to New York City, really driving this already stellar collection to the next level and peaking the interest of the entire crowd.

Thursday 7.16.15/9:30p.m: Wilhelmina Male Model Party

At the conclusion of NYFWM, we attended the Wilhelmina male model celebration - where the male models have dubbed themselves "The Wolf Pack." The models graced the red carpet together, often having to pry them away from each other to take individual shots. While they are obviously beautiful, we wanted them to label their personal style. Going to the wee hours of the morning with a live performance by GIA, DJ Honey Dijon spinning the tunes, and running into our #MUSE Quincy Brown, this celebration is only the start of many NYFW Mens to come.

Malan Breton + Siki Im photographs by Nisim Frank

Wilhelmina photographs by Liz Black

Loris Diran photographs provided by Loris Diran

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