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11am: Erin Fetherston Runway Show

We sat front row at our first show at the "new tents" - the ones at Lincoln Center were much better in our opinion, but we're being patient about it - the "ERIN Erin Fetherston" runway show. Seated next to writer Liz Black and seats over from Bravo’s Stassi Schroeder, we joined guests in their excitement to see what the whimsical, romantic designer had to offer this season. Transported back into the Victorian age, Fetherston said she was "Inspired by a muse who is equal parts Jane Birkin and Anne of Avonlea.” Using sky blue as her defining color was a risk well worth taking, as those pieces stood out among her other pastels and Victorian whites. Putting her trademark romanticism into her collection, Fetherston used silks, organza, and embroidered tulle to perfection. The one surprise that we almost didn't catch was her bold musical choice midway through the show, a "Teach me How to Dougie" remix. While not what you normally think of when thinking of Fetherston, it managed to stay consistent with the collection. We have to say, this officially started off New York Fashion Week perfectly!

3pm: Desigual Runway Show 'La vida es chula'...Life is cool, and that is exactly what Desigual reminded those who caught a glimpse of the awe-inspiring runway show. Desigual brought the viewers to the streets of Barcelona - "the free-spirited, bold, independent, and joyful energy" women of today share. The use of abstract prints, textures, bright colors, and spirited headpieces had audience members on the edge of their seats. This 44-look runway show allowed viewers to see how this collection is for all women of the city. Our personal favorite was the stunning model who proved she was a city girl by using her "selfie-stick" out on the runway, as though she was really trekking through the city streets, recording her journey to share with her friends.

4pm: Malan Breton Runway Show

Taking us to Taiwan as he has before, Malan Breton's SS16 collection built off that theme - inspired by his recent trip to Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake. The collection incorporated traditional Taiwanese dying techniques, silks, micro-fibers that evoke his signature Eastern inspired style while maintaining its relevance in the Western world. The collection was accessorized by beautiful pieces from Nehita Jewelry and with tattoos by Black Lace Skin Jewelry. Our favorite moment of the show is when one of our muses, androgynous model Rain Dove - who was also featured in Breton's men’s collection show - flexed her muscles at the end of the runway. The motion got a thunderous applause from the audience. We loved the black ensemble on Dove, showing that such an elegant dress can be worn in any way that one chooses.

6pm: Katya Leonovich Presentation

Making our way through the packed room, we were eagerly anticipating Katya Leonovich's return to New York Fashion Week with her new collection "Bisected Beauty.” Real Housewife of Atlanta Nene Leakes was at the show, looking fierce as ever, taking pictures with all of her fans, even telling one to "Get it together child,” while raving about how much she loved the collection. We too loved the concept of a "Bisected Beauty" and the play off of duality, and talked to Leonovich about the concept. "Bisected Beauty refers to the concept of ‘split imagery’ and combining two complete opposites that somehow are beautifully intertwined. It goes back to the concept of every woman possesses an internal bisection of the personality. We have two sides, the sinner and the saint, yet we chose on a daily basis which one we want to portray to humanity through our styles of dressing, attitude, and overall energy. I call this ‘second skin,'” the designer said. A designer who is happy with her collection is really the beauty of NYFW and seeing Leonovich dancing with her family, friends, and guests, showed how proud she truly was of the collection. Our favorite pieces were the ones where one side was a solid color and the other a print inspired by her paintings. These dresses are when we believe her collection resonates the strongest with her new concept of combining her artwork with fashion. The looks all came together with hair done by Contesta Rock Hair, nails by Kelly Baber, jewels from KMO Paris, and the spectacular lighting by Hello World. We can't wait to see what the future holds for Leonovich, but right now, she certainly made a triumphant comeback to New York Fashion Week.

Written & Photographed by Nisim Frank & Eric Ascher, with the exception of:

Malan Breton photos provided by Malan Breton’s in-house photographer

Erin Fetherston photos provided courtesy of Seventh House PR

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