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2pm: Alice and Olivia by Stacey Bendet Presentation

#OhMyGoddess. Stacey Bendet's Spring 2016 collection for Alice and Olivia promised eager lines of chaos on Washington Street yesterday. The venue was over capacity before 2:30pm as on-lookers snapped shots of the street style gliding in for the presentation. For guests, entering the space caused flash-flood memories of playing dress-up as a child in their mother’s closet. Girlhood was celebrated moving from capsules of sequins to aqua trailing trains as Goddess transformation unveiled through knee high sandals and sophisticated lace. An urban desert aura highlighted the natural, pure beauty of a confident woman wearing what makes her happy, simply because she is an enlightened goddess. The embroidered accessory madness was where fearless individuality united. Inspiringly upbeat, models glowed and guests sang to familiar rock classics by Stevie Nicks and The Beatles. Tracks by Lana Del Rey pierced through the 70s vibe for a reign of girl-power, and we couldn’t help but unleash our inner song-bird. After the presentation, a room of white walls doodled on with squiggling black lines was followed as the exit path. Geometrically puzzle pieced faces looked towards text reading: “find your own way” and “new you, new who, New York.” Though looking unsure of their own doodle-drawn presence (like many of us are), this wildly-mazed wall of faces inspired viewers to question their own self growth - directing it towards a map of self-love.

6pm: IIJIN SS16 Runway Show

Talking bout my generation...Cue a youth culture fighting for social change with punk influences rebelling with typography against the stuffy Joneses next door. At Pier 59 Studios, IIJIN SS16 showed with smirking models and urban beats blaring inside Stage A. Guests sat down and jitter danced in seats to pre-show music by DJ Nita Aviance - hosting an energy cohesive to the well-tailored entertainment about to take place. Lights dimmed for already blasting music as youthful times of careless, reckless decisions were animated by “I Don’t Know” sweaters and comical animal ear headbands. Eclectic layers upon layers offered denim on sequins on tweed. Styled down to every detail, makeup by AOFM with team lead Michelle Webb painted on neon eyebrows accented by bright polka-dot cheek face paint.. Fastened to a model’s bottom written in black font was, “I Can Read” which we’d like to think plays on the ignorant, stereotypical interview questions directed at models. Noma Han wore a white button down “Last Time I Swear” shirt humorously playing on the behavior of Generation Y (hello fellow millennials) paired with white checkerboard trousers and beige floral sneakers. The mixing of patterns in this collection pulled the mind’s eye into indecisive decisions, marking a youth culture living fast for quality not quantity. Our favorite look of the line up stood at #42, the glittering finale starring Alina Olegovna in a revealing uniquely cutout sequin and denim pieced trouser. A surprise twist at the end featured entertainment from breakdancing contortionists from MainEventt.

7pm: Pamplemousse Presentation

Observing NYFW proves why people-watching is never boring. In actuality, the entire week could be classified as one huge social experiment. A static furniture installation framed by white walls kept guests occupied with wondering thoughts at Pier 59. Waiting, plum pouted guests sipped candy striped straws dipped in the all natural Cangria cans. Minutes passed until a chrome door opened slightly and, a natural response, the crowd pushed camera lenses and iPhones forward as their shield to getting at the front. Finally the smoke from excitement clears and standing still next to pieces decorating the bare living room, are stone cold models.

Recently founded this year by Danica Zheng, Pamplemousse SS16 is a pastel, free-after-midnight, intimacy. The quietness of the “AM” brought monochrome boredom on each model’s face, staring out to the flashing lights for the camera’s hungry satisfaction. No smiles, no crack in character. Slow motions from the models just simply moved poses and eyes as they monotonously motioned to fiddle with tunics on strings. Relying on a single point of suspension, Zheng pulled inspiration from bondage photography master Nobuyoshi Araki. The entire installation seemed magnetized by a single point as the audience selfishly packed together pushing for the front. Serenity in Rinko Kawauchi’s photography brought a highlighted inspiration of reflection. Time and space moved on suddenly and the crowd dispersed, making room for others to get a close-up glance.

Silk chiffon, organza, and rough linen gave minimal lines to the feminine body. The theme of tying and wrapping pointed towards the reliance of one pressure point of focus. This was prominent in long flowing halters fastened at the neck leading down into long pleats; knotted bows connecting the bottom of a skirt to the rest of the structure. The looks were completed by Gola Sneakers, which effortlessly went with every piece, looking chic as can be.

The entire mood of the room was fragile. Designed by Coming Soon, the atypical muted room was stark against a silver metallic wrapped table, pink butterfly chair, and green apple structures.

7:30pm Hanley Mellon Presentation

Upper East Side's Hanley Mellon presented their 2016 SS collection, inspired by Havana, Cuba. Designer Nicole Mellon and her husband spent time in Havana and said, "Each day we spent in Havana revealed a new layer unanticipated by the experience of the prior day." The bright colors - peach in particular - were present in the collection. Styled with our favorite jewelry brand Erickson Beamon, the jewels added an extra level of sophistication to the fun and flirty outfits. Guests were treated to champagne while in the middle of the room others were posing on top of a teal Chevy.

9pm Malan Breton NYFW Wrap Party

Making our way uptown with Jess, half of the Big City Little Blog duo, we headed to the Hudson Hotel, to end (or start) our night at the Malan Breton NYFW Wrap Party, which benefited cancer organization Sound Affects. Walking in, we were greeted by two stunning models who wore two of Breton's dresses - including his finale piece from his SS16 collection, which were going to be auctioned off. Throughout the room we spotted many familiar faces, including Real Housewife of New York, Sonja Morgan. Midway through the night, Breton had all eyes on him while giving an empowering speech about the Sound Affects charity, impacting each and every single guest. Towards the end of the night, we were treated to a live performance by Randy Jackson's new protégé, Wil. Guests were loving the surprise performance, dancing the rest of the night away. Always ones to party for a good cause, we were more than thrilled to learn that the event raised over $10,000 that one night.

Written & Photographed by Nisim Frank and Gwen Leogrande

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