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#MusicMonday: Darwin Deez - Double Down

Since I'm no pro in the music industry, the thought of having to be technical about anything just oozes with pretentious vom. That being said, I will be expressing my admiration for the latest Darwin Deez album through my personal connection to the songs and my instant thoughts upon listening to them.

Double Down, released on September 18, 2015, was long awaited for any Darwin fan. They first released their single "Kill Your Attitude" back in May, and upon its arrival I began counting down the days for the full LP to signal a notification in my Spotify inbox.

Last night, the moment arrived. I drunkenly sent out a text to all [aka 2] of my fellow Darwin Deez fans. Their quick responses included, "Is it good?"

Good is subjective; in fact, everything about music is. But my response? "Their best album yet." It has touches of their first self-title album, Darwin Deez, and also mimics the sounds of their sophomore album Songs for Imaginative People.

Their early released singles, "Time Machine," "Kill Your Attitude," and "Last Cigarette" are very reminiscent of their first album - fun, catchy indie-pop that has you bopping your head in the car. The lyrics include their classic wit to act as a cushion for your heart and make light of frustrating life situations in a way only Darwin can.

"Lover" and "Rated-R." embody that untailored, alternative rock sound that laid heavy on their second album. They're great songs, but not my personal taste. Almost offbeat, with some slightly flat notes, these songs ring true to the very Darwin-specific sound but has an 80s vibe that I just can't seem to vibe with.

My favorite songs on the album have more musicality than usual and have what I can only best describe as “a prettier sound.” The music and vocals were a throwback to the almost emo-indie-pop sound I obsessed over in High School . "Mess She Made," "Melange Mining Co.," and "The Missing I Wanna Do" are among the songs I'll have on repeat from the album. These three songs have a hint of romance and speak of love in the ingenious way I yearn for.

I felt an instant connection with "Mess She Made," as being the ever best-friend-that's-a-girl, I find myself in messy male-related situations more often than not.

Lyrics I loved:

  • And the more I drink with you // the more I see the mess she made // Pour yours down the drain...

Missing I Wanna Do should be this generation’s anthem. I think - especially in your late 20s to early 30s - women tend to, uhm, settle. We rush things so that we can catch up with those who are ahead in the Game of Life. This song represents the point of view of who wants to take it slow and romanticizes it in a clever and honest way.

Lyrics I loved:

  • See I like you, but oh you move so fast // I want it to last. So can we go slow, cuz I wanna be all for you // And if I'm never alone, then how, how will I do the missing I wanna do // Cuz I wanna miss you.

Melange Mining Co is a modern day love letter. I can only hope the lyrics can be applied to me someday (by Darwin, or.. someone else). I loved the thought of him thinking about the woman he loves and the incredibly simple things that he couldn't wait to feel when he was with her.

Lyrics I loved:

  • If I had the weight of your arms around me, then I'd be fine

Overall, the album in its entirety is a great listen and covers a few different sounds, with the relatable, yet humorous lyrics Darwin Deez always delivers. They will be touring America for the next few months, so make sure to catch them live. I'll be the girl at Bootleg in LA yelling the lyrics in the front while trying to lock eyes with their front man and long time secret crush.

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Album available on Spotify and iTunes now.

By Amelia Williams

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