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BACKSTAGE: Austin Plaine

Multi-faceted artist, Austin Plaine's music takes you away from your every day life, filling your soul with daydreams and that feeling of just wanting to get away. Putting his heart into this album, you can feel the intimate storytelling about romance, life, and the exploration of both the world and yourself. Our favorite lyrics come from his song "Beautiful,which we feel exemplifies the overall feeling of the album:

"Oh I had a dream last night

About my withered limbs

Started healing from inside,

We will all born again."

With a song like this, we could see him playing stadiums with the crowd chanting his lyrics back to him. There is something to be said about simplicity, which leads to the relaxed feeling you get while listening to Plaine's self-tiled debut album. While meeting him before his show at The Knitting Factory, we could see an artist on the rise, having that Midwest charm, but could easily be confused for a NYC born and bred #EdgarAllanFaux. Wearing his go-to outfit of a Ralph Lauren blazer, plain white tee, and Calvin Klein shoes, he fit into the Williamsburg neighborhood seamlessly.

His new single "Never Come Back Again" just got the video treatment where he explains, "We made a music video for it this past summer where we traveled 2,000 miles, from Minnesota all the way to Santa Monica in the span of five days and recorded the whole thing. We released it and it's been fun to see that progress." We convinced Plaine to participate in our first musical edition of 21 Questions. Learn about the personality behind the music and discover his personal favorite off the album and what he likes to do on a typical Friday night.

Do you have a middle name?


Star Sign?


Favorite musicians growing up?

Bob Dylan, Bruce Springstein, Jackson Brown but also Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes.

Three tracks you're currently listening to?

"Tear In My Heart" by 21 Pilots, "Bad Blood" the Ryan Adams version, and "Sedona" by Houndmouth.

Favorite lyrics you've ever written?

Basically the whole song "Never Come Back Again.” Every line in that is my favorite.

One of your most memorable performances?

We played Bunberry Music festival in Cincinatti this past summer in front of a few thousand people. It's the biggest show I've ever played before. It was my first festival, so it was really meaningful to me.

Dream collaboration?

Oh man. I've got to say Ryan Adams.

Next thing up on your bucket list?

Go to Australia. I've always wanted to go and see!

Club or Dive Bar?

Dive Bar.

Favorite fast food joint?


Go-to outfit?

White tee and slacks.

One thing nobody knows about you?

I had shoulder surgery while playing hockey. I played when I was younger.

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl.

Typical Friday night?


Books or movies?

I gotta go with movies.

Piece of dating advice?

Be funny!

Vanilla or Rocky Road?

Rocky Road.

Ocean or Lake?


One thing you absolutely love?

My dog. She's a black lab, her name is Bear.

One thing you absolutely hate?

Smacking - when people smack while eating food.

Words to live by?

Try your best and forget the rest.

Find out more at and follow him on Facebook ,Instagram + Twitter

Written & Photographed by Nisim Frank

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