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“Nothing is permanent, nothing is ever truly finished, and nothing is completely perfect.”

These are the three rules to leather brand Satch & Fable’s craft. Joining designer and one-man show Fabrizio Giuliani (Fab for short), we talked natural leather and the occasional use of imaginary business partners as scapegoats.

Labeled as classic nostalgia, Satch and Fable offers earth aroma leather accessories that change with wear. Each bag, satchel, and duffle is handmade for traveling souls, seasoned over time with the scratches and wrinkles that mark each individual’s journey.

“Leather is alive, like wine. They both change over time.”

Growing its roots in India and spanning across the globe from Australia to Italy to the United States, the label ethically looks for locally sourced hands and leather. This promises a unique imperfection in the leather’s stitching and tanning, as each bag represents a different fable, a true human touch.

Just in time for the holidays, Satch & Fable is excited to debut their Italian leather duffle bag lined with jute and suede finishes. Retailing around $600, Guiliani spoke to the desire of offering everyone an amazing handmade bag.

In the meantime, welcome Wabi-sabi as your imperfect inspiration and read on to see what else makes Satch & Fable tick.

Favorite material?


In three words, what is your brand’s style?

Old-fashion, imperfect, classic.

Last flew to?


Brick or stone?


Favorite time of day?


Destination place?

My home, Rome, Italy. These satchels were inspired by an old fashioned satchel that was made near Rome, in Tuscany during the ‘70s.

Leaves or ocean mist?


First step in design process?

Sketching. I craft and experiment a mock-up with denim because it has a similar consistency to leather. I play around and don’t really use patterns.

Inspirational designers?

Coach, The Bridge, and Will Leather Goods.

Special effects done to leather?

No chemicals are used. They’re washed eight times and on the sixth time we use soap. Then they’re rinsed with saltwater and left to dry in the sun. We use hemp seed oil to darken the color.

Ideal client?

In their 30s, have an appreciation for handmade leather and imperfect things.

Any future patterned designs?

I want to do a limited edition line featuring things I love: octopi, sea monsters, and steam punk patterns.

Last movie you saw?


City with the best style?

NYC and London.

Ink or spray-paint?



Since I moved to NY, fall.

Favorite hot beverage?


How do you take it?

Milk, one sugar.

Place you want to visit for the first time?


Scale of 1 - 10, how excited about life are you?


Give us a hint on your upcoming project?

Shifting the bags one level up, when it comes to production, by only using Italian leather.

Check out Satch & Fable’s collections here, and follow the inspiration on Instagram

Written by Gwen Leogrande

Photographs provided by Satch & Fable

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