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#MusicMonday: Jazzy Vice

Jazzy Vice is the cool girl you want to be. Her huge hair, stunning face and long legs give her the instant spotlight when she walks into a room. But her modelesque look was not the only thing that inspired us to want to learn more about her.

Texas born and bred, Jazzy made the transition to LA three years ago to chase the dream and passion of becoming a singer-songwriter in the city of Lost Angels. “I grew up in Texas and have been in LA for three years now. My roommate and I both grew up in East Texas and I went to school outside of Dallas in Denton. Then I moved to Austin - if you’re going to go to Texas, go to Austin. Austin is about going out and there's bars for days and days. But then they have the nature side to it too, with an herb, man-made pool in the middle of the woods. But I kept moving around so after Austin I was like, “Where else am I going to go?” I didn’t want to live in Houston and that’s basically the only other option besides a bunch of other small towns. I was leaning toward the West or East Coast and East is too expensive right now. I’m tryin’ to see that sun [laughing], so LA is good.”

When she got to LA, she was fortunate to fall into a group of musicians that help inspire her music and keep her passion flowing. “I have my bandmates with me, they help me with everything. I’m recording now, just starting to track the sound. My band mates help me immensely. They expand all of my ideas. They’re so fucking talented it makes me sick. I’m not trained and never took lessons for anything so I just taught myself how to play. I don’t know music theory or the chords I’m playing and just go, 'Look guys, look what I played!' I know what I want it to sound like. I know how to make the chords and fiddle around going high to low. My band teaches me what sounds good together so I’m learning more about the technical structure. They swoop in and help. My drummer Austin Ash helps me with recording. He comes over with all his equipment and we record ideas to hold onto. I’m a free flowing source. I perpetually write and some of it sticks. We work on it with Little Bones or it stays as a stand alone. I’m trying to compile different versions of songs to have for Jazzy Vice and her Little Bones and maybe add."

Jazzy Vice also mentioned her writing process and influences in music. We bonded over our love for Anthony Green of Circa Survive and her lyrical influence of Elliott Smith. Her music jumped out to me as indie folk and instantly reminded me of Wild Child with a hint of Lykke Li in her voice. Poetic, intelligent and incredibly knowledgebale in music, it was hard to take the conversation to a halt. But we had a game of 21 questions to play and photos to snap. Take a peek below at her answers to our quick fire game below.

What is your present state of mind?

The latte I drank before this interview has my mind racin’; it feels good though.

Three songs your listening to right now?

Funkadelic "Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On"

Sylvan Esso "Wolf"

Michael Jackson "Do You Remember"

Musical mentor?

Anthony Green’s vibe was my first true obsession.

Favorite memory that is sparked by a song?

Every time I listen to Coheed’s Second Stage Turbine Blade I think of the time my friend in Denton gave me free tickets a Coheed show last minute and my girl Emily drove me to it and I saw them perform that whole album and a rare song and I was literally the most stoked I have ever been at a concert and absolutely went crazy singing and dancing. Warm, warm memory. I have really great friends.

Favorite fashion trend on a guy?

I like it when men pull off wearing jewelry; it’s enticing and alluring. I’m interested and into it.

Least favorite fashion trend for a guy?

I don’t wanna hate on any trends, fellas do ya thing.

What do you label your personal style?

I’ll wear anything colorful and comfortable and allows me to continue my bra-free life.

Cook or order out?

I honestly don’t mind cooking and there are some dishes I can throw down on, but lately I've been guilty of indulging on take out.

Favorite food?


Club or dive bar?

Dive bar for sure, always more fun and a better situation for making friends.

Favorite fictional hero?

Batman. I’ve read so many Batman issues from the Silver Age to recent publications.

Favorite childhood memory?

Playing outside and seeing hummingbirds outside of my first home in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Bungee jump or sky dive?

I think both are equally terrifying and I’m struggling to decide which is the lesser of the evils. I'm thinking a sky dive. I mean I would be scared as hell, but would feel freeing!

What’s the best decision you ever made?

Moving to LA.

Star sign?


Favorite occupation?

My current. I’m a slow motion strength trainer and it’s a beautiful job helping people become better versions of themselves.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?


Favorite meal of the day?

Breakfast for dinner, it happens a lot.

One thing you absolutely hate?

Inconsiderate people.

One thing you absolutely love?

Dancing with strangers.

Words to live by?

Say yes to everything good for you.


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