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12pm: Woodhouse Presentation

Before the Woodhouse presentation at Pier 59, we managed to snag some #BTS pictures of the models backstage, getting ready for the show. The scene backstage was full of laughter, joy and a playfulness you often don't see. The models were particularly thrilled with the Korean inspired footwear for the show, stating how easy it was to walk with down the runway. #JockOfAllTrades mixed with #UrbanKing, creative director Julian Woodhouse has literally done it all - model turned stylist turned designer of his own namesake line. Blending his Asian aesthetic and modern American silhouettes, the collection remained avant-garde yet wearable enough for one who wants to make a statement. The strongest looks were the pieces featuring bold reds, which is the color of power, fit for one who could rock the collection without worrying about fitting into the norm.

6pm: Joseph Abboud Runway Show

While most of the mens shows we've attended so far were presentations, we couldn't help but get excited for the Joseph Abboud runway show. The refined American - and only real American-made sportswear brand - back in action since 2013, after a 15 year scuffle to get his name back, looked like he didn't miss a single beat. Throwing in some unexpected brown-bronze rugged pieces into the mix, his classic refined tailoring was evident in every piece. After the show he said, "There's nothing sexier than a guy in a well-tailored suit," and that is where the difference between him and other sportswear collections rings true. We also loved the play on the simple grays with herringbone, velvets, tweed, and even American flag scarves in an ode to his American ran "artisans" who make his clothing. Joseph Abboud is back and better than ever.

6:30pm: Zachary Prell Presentation

We got to Zachary Prell's presentation on the later side, yet we weren't surprised to see a room full of socialites, reporters, and editors still marveling at the collection. Prell's inspiration for the F/W 2016 collection was to use rich layers and luxe details, using them to experience materials, textures, and tones. Particularly, the use of burgundy in the collection was exquisite; the warm color brightened up the neutral layering. We have to say, the custom-made beanies on the best looking models we have seen yet (we're already taking notes for our next #muses) were our favorite accessory NYFWM has had to offer thus far. Running into our favorite photographer Andrew Werner and fashion journalist Brent Taalur Ramsey, they couldn't agree more with the great pop of color and the ease of the collection. We feel that this has been Prell's strongest collection to date and are excited for it to hit stores so we can scoop up a few pieces ourselves.

6:30pm: Brett Johnson F/W16 - Sprezzatura

Behind Studio 3 is Sprezzatura, the off-duty leisure time privately enjoyed by iconic businessmen and curated by Brett Johnson F/W16. By day, these men grind as career-driven influencers of economics, business and design. Inspired by the quiet clarity of nightfall, effortless sartorial choices relax these men hidden away from the bustling public eye. Here in refined moments behind closed doors, a calming feeling of secluded and natural downtime is spent standing on moss embossed floors. With suedes, cottons and cashmeres handmade in Florence, Italy, the garments embody fitted leisure meant for the wearer’s comfort and for the expression of an achieved, professionally astute status. Having an influence that represents the understated style of these men’s personalities, sportswear power suits dress modest smiles of content, signed straight down the dotted line.

Written by Nisim Frank + Gwen Leogrande

Photographs by Andrew Werner

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