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IN CROWD: French Connection Summer Preview

Snow storms aside, we were more than thrilled to check out French Connection's Summer and Pre-Fall collection. Always offering up a little bit of wit in their casualwear, the inspiration for the collection comes from the movie "Drive," starring the oh-so-sexy Ryan Gosling, who plays a Hollywood stunt performer that moonlights as a getaway driver. FCUK plays perfectly between the duality of their classic mens pieces with interjecting unusual patterns and color.

The tie-dye in particular is a reference back to "Drive," where Gosling's character wears a blood-splattered shirt. Our festival going #EdgarAllanFaux will definitely be at Coachella/Governors Ball, rocking the tie-dye tank top and even the coral sweatshirt to match. For our #CaptainKennedy, we loved the classic monochromatic colors scheme French Connection brings to the table. Cleverly playing with lines, the collection really manages to be outside the box, yet flattering and easy to pair with any item in your closet.

Visit FCUK stores all over the United States, with our personal favorite in Soho at 435 West Broadway.

By Nisim Frank

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