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MUSE: Model Gianni Di Cioccio

Freshly signed to Wilhemina, Gianni Di Cioccio is booking jobs at Gilt, Blue & Cream, and VK Nagrani, where we first met him while on the job at the latter's NYFWM event. Affable and charming, Di Cioccio took our attention for the night, and captivated our interest to learn more. Not just another pretty face, he first started to think about modeling while attending Penn State when photography majors would constantly request to use him as their muse. After graduation in 2014, he got scooped up by a smaller agency on the streets of Manhattan and now has "graduated to the big school" with Wilhelmina, which has "changed the game" for him forever.

Meeting us at a cafe after a Blue & Cream shoot - one of his favorite clients which he's previously shot digital campaigns for. Besides that, one of his other favorites to date was a yet-to-be-released shoot for emerging menswear company EFM, which stand for Engineered For Motion, for their Spring/Summer 2016 lookbook. One fact that we would have never guessed was how his college fencing skills would lead him to land this job. "During college, I was actually recruited as a fencer, Division One. I did it for 14 years, it was a big part of my life. One of the kids I grew up with fencing is also a model now with Wilhelmina and an Olympian and we both happened to get cast for this lookbook and it was because we were both really good fencers. We got to fence together with the clothes on and the video is going to come out, which overall was an amazing experience."

Coming to visit us in a his go-to casual outfit around town, he was rocking a A$AP Rocky top, which he loves to rep since they both come from Harlem, slightly distressed r13 black jeans and clean Nike shoes completed the look. Playing our game of 21 Questions, we found commonality in our mutual love for all things French - and this #JockOfAllTrades even speaks French fluently. Find out his go-to-item, favorite grooming product, and why you'll be "in love with Di Cioccio."

Full given name?

Gianni Le Melle Di Cioccio.

Star sign?


Instagram handle and why?

@iminlovewithdicioccio. Last year when the song "I'm in love the COCO" came out it sounded like the improper pronunciation of my last name, thus, my insta handle was born.

Three current songs on repeat?

"Self Righteous" by Bryson Tiller, "Yamborghini High" by ASAP Mob, and "Summer Sixteen" by Drake.

Do you prefer runway or print?


Favorite current menswear trend?


Dream designer to work for - even if you have already?

I think with a first name like mine it would only be right to do a campaign with Versace.

Dream designer clothes to live in?

Public School.

Three favorite brands?

R13, Public School, and IRO.

Go-to item?

The handmade ring from Bali I always wear out.

How do you label your personal style?

Basic, but in the minimal sense. Not in the pop culture sense.

Favorite menswear fashion publication?

V Man.

A fashion icon to you?

Willy Cartier.

Current state of mind?


A lyric that describes you?

"Don't worry I'm standing still, I'll move in with the right of will," - "Bad Habits" by Maxwell.

Dream vacation, with details?

Staying in a villa on the beach in Nice, France. Sipping espresso every morning while looking at the horizon listening to the waves crash.

What concert would you want a backstage pass to?

Michael Jackson during his Bad World Tour in 1987 at any of the cities he played.

Go to grooming product?

Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding.

Favorite instagram to follow?

@jodyhighroller. It's the rapper Riff Raff's Instagram and he is hilarious.

Sneakers or dress shoes?


Words to live by?

Focus on the positive.

Keep an eye out for Di Cioccio on the runways and find out more here..

By Nisim Frank

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