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EYHO NY: Black Mountain Wine House

It's Friday night and you don't have reservations anywhere, you need to impress your date. What are you going to do? Look no further! We found a hidden gem on a corner of the quiet streets of Brooklyn: Black Mountain Wine House, a perfect third date spot for your #HopelessRomantic. With their policy of never taking reservations, a beautiful fireplace to set that romantic ambiance, the feels of New England or that upscale ski lounge, we instantly felt transported. Sitting down with owner Tyler Maganzini, he tells us, "We all live in tiny apartments in NYC, we want to be transported to another home when you're out of the apartment." We couldn't have agreed more. We took the best seats in the house, cozying up right by the fireplace, and sipped on a delectable red wine, Cabernet Franc from Loire France, which any upscale and casual wine drinker can enjoy. Medium-bodied and acidic, it's known for notes of green bell peppers, which we found delicious and pairing well with the earthiness of the atmosphere.

The food menu at Black Mountain has been expanding since Maganzini took over ownership, and he personally takes care of all the food specials himself (currently the special is a stew), because he "wants to make sure that everybody gets fully fed" with "homey comfort food, doing them simply and executed well." He went on, "everyone has that bar they feel comfortable at, it is time a restaurant can do that for a customer as well." We certainly got that vibe as soon as we were welcomed in.

We ordered two of their menu staples and a recent addition to the menu. First we bit into the staples, White Bean Crostini and the Mac n' Cheese. The crostini is prepared with white beans, butter beans, cherry tomatoes, pesto, a dash of red onion, and is topped with parmesan cheese. In the middle of the plate, you get to dip the crostini in a warm luscious ricotta bake with an Almond Gratine. Each bite felt like a warm hug, homemade with an upscale twist. Next we dived into the Mac n' Cheese with roasted pecorino mushrooms, gruyere cheese, and truffle oil with garlic bread; it soothes the stomach and pairs perfectly with their wine selections. Lastly, we feasted on the roasted marinated tomatoes, prepared in extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, garlic, roasted breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. It was truly a tasty accompaniment to the other dishes.

What we love most about Big Mountain Wine House is the story of Tyler and Regina, his newly wedded wife. Tyler who originally started as the manager and director of the wine list for almost three years, was given the opportunity to buy out one of the owners. He and Regina originally met at the restaurant while she was on "a terrible date" with someone else. Needing to rush out of there and split the check, she realized she had left her wallet at home. She ran to the bar, where Tyler was that night (a stranger to her at the time), and asked if he could spot her, and she would return back to repay him. He laughed and it was then the lifelong friendship began.

Maganzini tells us they aren't the only love story based out of Big Mountain Wine House. They've had the same couple have their first date, engagement, and wedding, all hosted at the restaurant. A candlelit room, fireplace, two glasses of wine, paired with comfort food, it is not surprising that seeds of romanticism are commonly planted. This is the spot for all #HopelessRomantics to impress their date for months to come.

Visit one of the most romantic spots NYC has to offer at:

415 Union Street in Caroll Gardens, Brooklyn

By Nisim Frank

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