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MUSE: Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk has done it all...literally and figuratively. One of the lead stars of Showtime's series Gigolos, Hawk has parlayed his talents from the show into a wide range of projects - making music videos, putting out sex toys (to rave reviews!) and even being a Pick-Up Dating Coach for men. When asked about how becoming a dating coach fits in, he tells us that he's just putting the finishing touches on his book, Nick Hawk's 100 Kicks In The Ass: A Guide To Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full-Potential. The book is all about how he's become "a life guru," and he's really ran with that in all aspects of his life.

Refreshingly blunt, when asked about some of the problems people face, Hawk said one in particular is marriage. "It's a lie. It's impossible to commit to someone honestly forever. You don't know who you're going to be tomorrow, next year, in twenty years, forever, much less, who they are going to be!," he said. Although not a fan of marriage itself, Hawk does say that he is "pro relationships approached in a mature and intelligent manner. I'm also pro committed relationships when someone says they hope to be with the other for a long period of time and they hope to grow and change with them, but no promises!”

Hawk’s personal style philosophy is that "brands shouldn't matter." He expands on this philosophy that we hold true, saying, "I have three Rolex watches and they're my least favorite watches. I have thousand dollars suits I like less than hundred dollar suits. If you want an impressive, quality product that, most importantly, represents and expresses you, don't worry about the price tag or name on it." Hawk believes that he "sells himself” with his body and tattoos, not brand names or logos, which only adds to his personal style. He tops that off with rings or pendants from his past jewelry line - which he is thinking of bringing back.

Hawk's favorite place to shop out of anywhere is right in our backyard, so to speak, on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Talking to Hawk while on a promotional tour in Las Vegas, he was rocking his go-to outfit, which is a nice pair of shoes (or boots), black jeans, a shirt with a blazer or vest over it.

Always up for anything, Hawk gladly indulged in our game of 21 Questions. From football, his favorite track, and his first tattoo, to sex, dating advice for men, and Las Vegas hotspots, nothing was off the table. Read below to learn even more about the man behind the show.

Star Sign?


Favorite Vegas dinner spot?

I finally had Mr. Chow recently and it became my favorite spot. Marrakech, Fire Fly, Blue Ribbon and Javier's are good as well.

Favorite hotel on The Strip?

Cosmo, Aria, Hard Rock.

Three tracks that "set the mood"?

I enjoy it when people play their favorite music for me because it puts them in a good mood and I like to hear stuff I haven't heard. But I also love to rock out on my drum set, piano or guitar to classic rock or jazz. It's a great way to wet some panties as well.

Your personal favorite track?

System Of A Down - "Chop Suey."

Where do you "draw the line" with clients?

Bad attitude, bad hygiene and strap-ons.

Sexy toys - yay or nay?

I created the "Nick Hawk Gigolo" sex toy line with 24 items including a dildo from my molded penis and sex position book…so, yay.

Do women really subscribe to mantra "bigger is better"?

Thick is good. Long is not. And it's actually better to be average opposed to huge.

When is kinky too kinky?

Pain and blood. And strap-ons.

Why a million dollars [penis] insurance, why not five million dollars?

TMZ gave me crap about that too. It's being changed to 10 million to make everyone happy.

Go-to night life hotspot?

Live music! Chandelier Bar at Cosmo is pretty dope. There's so many good spots in Vegas it's hard to go wrong. Well, there's Circus Circus; you can definitely go wrong there.

Huge Packers fan - Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

Good question. To support my beliefs of supporting someone who works harder and has a larger skill set because of it, I'd have to choose Rodgers. I know people think it's fun to see an underdog (yes, compared to Rodgers, Favre would be considered an underdog) win but it's more satisfying to see a deserving person win and hard work pay off.

First tattoo ever and favorite tattoo ever?

My "Super Nick" tattoo when I was 17 and my new "Super Nick" tattoo! I covered the first one and the cover-up is the only tattoo I regret. I brought it back last Sunday and it has yet to be seen. You heard it here first. I incorporated it into my chest. My Symbiote is number two. My tattoos used to be very unflattering, large and dark. After many sessions expanding, adding filler, color and detail they flow much better and I have some of the dopest tattoos out there.

One tip you have for men to keep in shape?

For everyone! Workout every other day and if you miss a day workout the next, no matter what, forever! Anything that gets your heart rate up and gets you breaking a sweat for more than 30 minutes counts.

One tip you have for men about approaching women?

Keep approaching! You only fail if you're not approaching. I don't care if she doesn't say a word and walks away. It's a win. When I do confidence coaching I have my guys talk to over 50 girls a night. I mic them up, listen and watch from 20 feet away then we discuss what happened after each encounter.

Biggest mistake you see in how men approach women?

The instant discouragement when they get rejected. You're going to get rejected most of the time. After every encounter you should be happy you just had the balls to do it, you learned something and you're now excited to apply what you learned and do it again.

World is ending in 24 hours, you can do whatever you desire - go.

Call a girl or two over and take a nap to be awoken by some excitement. Play with my dogs, write and secure some final words, in hoping they are found and will be used for some good by someone some day. Drive to California, eat an eighth of mushrooms, shoot up some heroin and kite-surf into the middle of the ocean.

Who is the coolest celebrity that has recognized you?

Probably a client or two I won't name. I've also been on some large TV and radio shows like Andy Cohen's "WWHL" and The Jenny McCarthy Radio Show. I've had some unexpected support on social media as well. It's always nice getting positive messages from people in the entertainment business on there or when you're at a special event.

One fact nobody knows about you - until now?

You've gotten plenty out of me already in this interview.

Has your self-confidence grown at all since you've started being a gigolo?

Your self-confidence grows because you choose to put yourself out there and allow it to. It takes action. The major growth I had was when I was taking acting and improv classes. I highly recommend everyone, no matter what they do, to take them. Realize, everytime you do something you’re not confident doing you will become more confident by doing it. Season three I had to get hard by myself in front of three cameras with 20 people watching to cast the mold for my dildo. Where do you go from there?

Words to live by?

You are born into this world and then you are created. Create yourself. Secondly, knowledge is God. If I had one message to leave behind it wouldn't be love; it would be learn. You have to find understanding in what love really is before you can do it genuinely; you must be able to love yourself before loving others.

Find out more about Nick Hawk and Gigolos here.

By Nisim Frank

Photographs provided by Nick Hawk

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