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GROOMED: Kiehls Close Shavers Squadron

Kiehls, the pioneer of men's grooming products since 1851, is constantly testing new products, revitalizing the way men take care of themselves. Their new Close Shavers Squadron Smooth Glider Precision Shave Lotion took on a common problem in the mens market place with great success. Christina Gabriel, Vice President of Customer Experience and Education says, “What is so unique about this oil-infused lotion is that it instantly softens hair to give even the most creative shavers a quick, clean cut that will leave their skin feeling smooth and comfortable.” Not one to just tout, Kiehls participated in a case study where 90% reported smoother, softer skin and that their razor easily glided over their face.

Benefits to a Men’s Shave:

Close Shavers Squadron Smooth Glider Precision Shave Lotion softens beard hair for a close shave and protects against razor burn and irritation, leaving skin feeling soft and conditioned.

Stylist’s Tip:

Use a little bit each time, the product does not need to be applied liberally. The results will show up instantly but for best results, use with every shave.


Kukui Nut Oil - Conditions and softens hair and skin for a close shave.

Vitamin E - An antioxidant which also promotes circulation to the scalp and can help to repair damaged hair follicles. Helps protects and soothes the skin against nicks.

Kiehls Essential Oil Blend - Including pine and eucalyptus provide a fresh woody aromatic experience.

At a retail price of $9.00 for 2.5 oz. and $16.00 for 5 oz. this product won't break the bank while giving you a smooth shave and the quality you expect from Kiehls.

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