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RUNWAY RUNDOWN: NYFW S/S 9.7.2016 / 10:00AM: Claudia Li

Our first show of the day was well worth the early wake up. For this SS17 collection, Li "sheds reality", freeing oneself and embraces natures chaos and tranquility. The collection was inspired by orchids and a hazy liveliness that one can find implicitly in nature. Li, remaining true to her aesthetic, made sure to have denim but introduced it new ways through embroidery techniques that are unique to her. She also introduced male models this season, seamlessly placing them in her presentation without making a bold statement about it. The idea behind bringing male models was to emphasize "The idea of wearing 'some guy's' clothes with the interchange of typically boxy, masculine silhouettes and soft, feminine ones, blurring the lines of expectation." Li's statement was to empower both men and women to express ones sexuality.

9.7.2016 / 12:00PM: Denibi

The fashion haus based in Spain put on their maiden NYFW show specializing in clothing with a fun, new addition of furniture influenced by their admiration for Barcelona mixed with their traditional African heritage. When speaking to them, we learned that the main inspiration behind their brand came from a single ebony wood mask entitled "Nostalgia". The double entendre was not lost within the Denibi seams who carry the word throughout the collection. Holding true to their natural aesthetic, the minimalist collection embodied hues of pastels including mint, ivory, and cream. The stand out pieces for us were the backpacks, a great accessory for NYFW to elevate ones style.

9.7.2016 / 6:00pm: Oak

For this Spring/Summer collection, they were inspired by the "magical time" that fell between the 80's and early 90's where everything seemed to be happening all at once. Political statements were bold, gender fluidity was at its infancy, and musicians were speaking out about issues that actually meant something to them. Playing off of the femininity of icon Sinead O'Connor, denim was used throughout the collection on a Racer Jacket, a Satin Bomber, and t-shirts; the usage of this textile updated the iconic look from that era. The pop of royal blue and deep purples played well against the monochromatic setting. At the end of the night, VIP guests were treated to "mystery gift bag", with select different items in each. We received an "Oak" t-shirt and an genderless lightweight Olive scarf, perfect for all seasons.

9.7.2016 / 7:00pm: House of Peroni

Setting up at Patricia Field's old haunt, the House of Peroni made their official debut in NYC from September 8 to 10 with a private showing before of course. Wildly successful in Europe, the house will host a variety of fashion, art, and curated style events, making it more than just a place for Peroni to "push product". Debuting their first musical performance was artist Jamie M Commons who came from London to sing some blues rock for the audience. Notable guests included Solange Knowles, Vanessa Beecroft (frequent Kanye West collaborator), and host Franscesco Carrozzini.



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