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IN CROWD: Todd Snyder x Akin's Army

In menswear, Todd Snyder is the king of intriguing collaborations. From his shoe collaboration with PL Flyers , to a watch collaboration with Timex, he never ceases to impress and surprise. Next up is a collaboration with model and notorious SoulCycle instructor Akin Akman, on his Champion line of athleisure wear aptly called "Akin’s Army”. For those who don't take Soul Cycle, Akin affectionately dubbed his riders his 'Army'. Having personally attended an Akin spin class, the army is just that - loyal to the end, towels in the air, following his every move with ardor - unlike any other workout we've ever seen! Snyder echoes this sentiment by saying, “Akin and his dedicated army of followers use the city as their gym and bring a passion for everything they do."

Speaking to guests at the launch, it was apparent that Akin’s Army was out and about, ready to celebrate Akino's collaboration. The large spread of clothing had to constantly be refilled by staff every 10 minutes since nearly every person bought multiple items on site. Personally, our favorite was the black full-zip hoodie which was comfortable and our new go-to for everyday wear. Guests enjoyed a Magum Rosé bar courtesy of Victoria James & Nicholas Capron, while dancing to the music by Greg K of The Misshapes. Mobbed for most of the night, we cornered the man himself, Akin Akman, for the inside scoop about his collaboration.

Labeling Men: How did the collaboration come into fruition?

Akin Akman: I was part of Todd’s first campaign and invited him to my bootcamp class. That was the first time he was introduced to the Akin’s Army community and wanted to explore a collaboration! We did a limited edition tee in January that sold out before it launched! So this was our first collaboration with pieces for both men and women in the collection.

LM: What is your favorite men’s piece from the collection?

AA: I don’t have one since all my favorite designs are in there! But if I were to choose, I’ll say the camo tank with our "A" logo. It’s the new Akin’s Army logo and I feel like it’s a strong statement piece.

LM: What makes your collaboration unique in the menswear market?

AA: I really like that our collaboration might be one of the firsts in the market – a New York fitness coach paired with a New York Menswear designer. We both share the same passion about the city and took inspirations with our design. We tried to take cues from Army inspired patterns, like camo, and reimagined them in the colors of urban New York - Asphalt Black, Concrete Grey. We gave everything a bold, graphic punch inspired by our new brand identity. It’s also a collab for both men and women. I really like that it reflects Akin’s Army.

We have to say, in a sea of collaborations, this one hit the mark. We can't wait to see our #jockofalltrades styled in the pieces in our next photo shoot. Scroll through the racy shoot and some exclusive pictures below.

Akin’s first collaboration has limited pieces for both men and women and is available right now at Follow Akin on his latest adventures and endeavors at

By: Nisim Frank

Lifestyle Images provided by Akin's Team.

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