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RUNWAY RUNDOWN: NYFW/SS18 9.8.17-9.9.17

9.8.17/2pm: MUSED by Lindsay Jones

Stepping into the High Line Hotel, we knew this wasn't going to be any ordinary SS18 runway show. The Músed Collection , called the ‘Divine Love Letter’ was inspired by a dark period, followed by hope, correlating to much of today's current climate. Being in the hauntingly beautiful space, Jones' channeling of angels, lions, and all things gold managed to shine through. Seamlessly working in her mens pieces- which could be worn by any gender- its the first time we've ever seen an organza mens pants. We loved the airy blue embroidered organza pant, while not for every guy, those whom simply don't give a fuck what others think should embrace the feminine fabric. The collection was a juxtaposition of opposites, lots of hard-and-soft- and the use of champagne and blues blended perfectly together. The flawless team backstage- Matthew Curtis on hair and Jenny Smith on makeup using Label M. products, really gave an elevated life to Jones' clothing. Most of the pieces were genderless, unique and new silhouettes we haven't seen on men- or even women yet. Produced by Courtney ‘Coco’ Daniels of Courtney Daniels Consulting, this was a flawless start to our busy NYFW Friday.

9.8.17/3:30pm: W. Reflex

The Nolcha Shows just celebrated their 10th Anniversary which remains the essential Indie Brands at NYFW highlighted brand W. Reflex for their coveted 3:30pm slot. This was the brand's worldwide debut into the fashion game, was inspired by NYC loft culture and minimalist styles that New Yorkers are known for. Founder & Designer Kris Wu injected his Asian friendly cutting from inside to outside, showcasing a man's style. We enjoyed the softness of the raw materials Wu used, linens, cotton, and summer leathers. Over the years, pink has become a go-to pop of color in mens collections and Wu used it multiple ways. #MUSE Brett David was in a pink beanie, graphic hot pink t-shirt, and tailored grey shorts. The very next model was in an impeccably tailored suit with a pop of light pink and a custom made pin for the blazer. We know W. Reflex will be wildly successful in New York, the ability to mix-and-match separates will be a huge asset to Wu's menswear career.

9.8.17/6:00pm: WWD x Samsung: The Style Dimension

A party to blow all parties away is the best way to describe the amazing time that was had by all at the Style Dimension party, put together by WWD at the Samsung 837 also known as the Samsung headquarters. Technology and fashion have a synergy which makes this the perfect venue for The Style Dimension. This generation of fashion gurus are all about experiences and Samsung 837 is the home of 4-D VR. First in line, we were strapped in, ready to go to outer space for an intergalactic quest to save planet Earth from an alien drone invasion. Guests were shouting and hollering, it was truly an innovative and exhilarating experience that brings adventure right to you without having to travel to a theme park.

After taking a few deep breathes, we made our way over for a much needed elderflower cocktail, sponsored by Ruffing which really was #AlwaysSprakling. Crisp and delicious, the bar was filled with requests asking just how these delicious cocktails were concocted.

Wanting to browse what else was going on during NYFW, we were able to pull up the articles on the Samsung tablets. To the right of all of this was the a 360 Degree Samsung Galaxy photo booth. Named 'The Gear 360' has evolved to let you record in 4K or broadcast live, and then make it your own with the Samsung Gear 360 app. Samsung and WWD set up a specific backdrop, just for the night. At the end of the night, Samsung gave each guest a state of the art Samsung U Flex Headphones which are bluetooth compatible and are the clearest headphones we've ever used.

9.8.17/9:30pm: Peyman Umay

Model turned designer Peyman Umay presented his eponymous brand runway debut. Not playing it remotely safe, the male models all adorned ornate black headgear pieces, making sure the only focus was on the clothing. With tones of BDSM, there chains were used on blazers and on the jeans but not in a tacky way one might think. The use of red throughout the collection symbolizes power, showing that Umay is here to make a splashing debut. What might get lost- but shouldn't- was the tailoring on each piece. The pieces were put together perfectly and while the entire outfits might not be wearable, even the preppiest of our #labelingmen would wear the red shorts with the subtle plaid trim. While certainly unconventional, we applaud the balls it takes to make a debut like Umay did.

9.8.17/9:30pm: Lord Burchen

We met Michael B. the designer of Lord Burchen three years ago when he was just getting started which made his New York runway debut that much more exciting for us. Taking his Avant Garde menswear visions to the runway, the crowd went wild as soon as the first model turned the corner. Staying true to the brand's aesthetic, the native New Yorker used only black and white predominately throughout the collection. Anything but boring, our favorite look is the striped black and white shirt with a tattered jacket, showing just a peak of the shirt in all the right places. The black skinny pant elevates the look to high fashion as did his black leather pants that he sent down the runway. Burchen's oversized white button down was unique as it was fitted on the shoulders and sleeves while having elements of streetwear such as thumb loops. Seeing a designers vision from years ago realized is something few get to follow and we're excited to see what the Lord Burchen brand has in store for menswear next.

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