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GROOMED: Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser

Kiehl’s decided to expand its range of facial cleansers with the introduction of Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser, a gentle cleanser to accompany the cult classic Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner. Meticulous for bringing only the most effective products out to the marketplace, Kiehl's chose cucumber as its base due to its gentle soothing properties. The product being soap-free and sulfatefree allows the product to be used on all skin types- even dry and sensitive skin that can get irritated very quickly by facial cleansers. Use some on a Summer day and #cucumberandchill.

Benefits to a Men’s Face:

After using the product for only one week, 94.4% of testing reported their skin to feel throughly and completely cleansed. Safe enough to use on facial hair without irritating.

Stylist’s Tip:

Apply small amount to clean fingertips and massage into damp facial areas in upward, circular motions. Can be used for everyday use


Cucumbers - Each cucumber within the formula is extracted to preserve the essence of the cucumber which provides its natural unique benefits.

Plant Based Glycerin- Contributes to the light-as-air foam which easily glides over your skin.

Rosemary Leaf Oil- Brings much needed vitamins to your skin such as iron, calcium, and Vitamin B-6.

At a retail price of $24 for 5 o.z., this is a staple you should have in your grooming closet for a year-round cleanser, get it here

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