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IN CROWD: Crown Royal King of Flavor Party

Curb Your Enthusiasm is pretty much our version of a bible here at Labeling when we heard that J.B. Smoove was going to be there, it was where we needed to be. Smoove started his partnership last year with a series of commercials for the newly released Crown Royal Vanilla. This year, Smoove and Crown Royal are collaborating again with their new flavor "Crown Royal Regal Apple". Crown Royal cleverly divided the room into two halves with one half cocktails inspired by their Vanilla Flavor and the other half inspired by their brand new Apple Flavor. Our favorite cocktail was the aptly named "Big Apple" which had Crown Royal Regal Apple, ginger ale and fresh lemon juice. Simple enough to make and tasty for the Fall season. Their Vanilla flavored cocktail named 'So Smoove' for the night is a play off of the old fashioned, meant to be enjoyed with simple syrup and bitters.

As guests were enjoying their #CrownRoyal cocktails and taking shots at the photo booth, the coronation ceremony for J.B. Smoove as the "King of Flavor" was about to begin. We got to see a first look at the new commercial which was shot in true J.B. Smoove style which you can view here . In a true collaboration, created a pulsating original track, “It’s Apple Time, Baby,” along with corresponding dance moves. Strutting through a nightclub, J.B. is taking shots of Crown Royal Regal Apple all while dancing with the patrons to his very own track. After the commercial premiered, the coronation ceremony was underway with Smoove sitting pretty on his "damn throne", adorning a green velvet blazer and cigar intact. The rest of the night, guests partied the night away- until 11:00pm- but a great time was had by all. Check out our gallery with live shots of Smoove and Crown Royal below.

By Nisim Frank

Select Shots provided by Taylor Strategy Team.

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