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LIFESTYLE: Zirkova One+Together Vodka

The holiday season is coming up which means only one thing- we're going to need a good fucking vodka to get through the hell known as family dinners. Here at Labeling Men, we've discovered Zirkova One+Together Vodka as a favorite of ours. The brand distinguishes itself from the mass vodkas by making it in handcrafted small batches. Unlike other vodkas which can taste sour and acidic, Zirkova's unique recipe gives it a velvety smooth feel into every sip. Made in Ukraine from their finest wheat and rye spirits, we trust Ukrainians to only supply the very best vodka. Their award-winning gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and others this year proves itself on a scale with other garden-variety vodkas.

Zirkova has two different ways for you to enjoy their vodka. First is 'Zirkova One' which we'd recommend in a martini or on the rocks. The second one is Zirkova Together which acts as a base for a cocktail, literally marrying the flavors it is mixed in with. This is due to their old techniques merging with modern day technology and quadruple distillation. We would recommend to buy both as the flavors in each vodka are made for their specific drink.

Zirkova's complimentary bright spot is their We Are One + Together charitable arm that fights for social justice, activism, and inclusivity. From a "Choose Love" parade marching from Manhattan to Bushwick, to working with bad ass Rose McGowan, and partnering with Grindr, their activism speaks volumes in this day and age. ​Its important for a brand to define who their target audience is, and Zirkova knows theirs- open-minded, sophisticated, with a flair for both the old and new worlds.

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By Nisim Frank

All photos were provided courtesy of Seventh House PR.

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