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#StyleGuide Holiday 2017

Look your best this holiday season with our favorite choices to look dapper, festive, and the best dressed from head to toe.

1. 'Ariel' by Angela Mitchell- Luxurious Italian-made shoes for the holiday season are a must if you ask us. In our exclusive interview with the brand, we talked about the integrated padding for the soles which provide the utmost comfort on your pressure points. Being on your toes for the next few weeks at holiday events galore, you'll need a good shoe that won't make be painful a hour into the night. We love the brand's panache for exquisite colorations and materials, this time using Blue Metallic Patent Leather on a classic oxford. As always, there are Swarovski crystals on the shoes, giving it their signature finish and you some holiday bling.

2. Mission 'Swat' Belt- The thing most guys hate most about belts is that you have to constantly replace them due to stretched out holes. The mission belt is made without any holes, which leads to no cracks under stress- and you won't show your crack. The belt adjusts every 1/4th inch as opposed to traditional 1" which makes for a perfect fit. Made from 100% leather and not pleather, the quality is second to none. What makes the belt even better is that you can mix and match buckles and leathers since it has an adjustable lever for fit. The variety of colors and buckles allow for either every day use or go wild with a variety of crazy color combinations.

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