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IN CROWD: Nana Bella Pop Up at The Time New York

The dead of winter is something New Yorkers dread- a big side affect of that is our skin gets crackled and just god awful. Luckily for us, luxury treatment center Nana Bella took over the second floor of the Time Hotel to help with just that. Heather Grabin of Splash Public Relations curated the guest list to perfection, taking appointments for facials, while the A+ team at Nana Bella came ready to go! While waiting on line for our appointment, we spotted model and our personal #muse, Rain Dove whose career has skyrocketed since we've seen her last. Effervescent as always, we love that years later, Rain hasn't changed one bit and is still as excited as ever to continue making waves through the fashion industry.

The first tip we would give any of our #labelingmen is that a facial needs to be done by an expert only- and that's exactly what we got with the team at Nana Bella. Their experts carefully determined my sensitive skin and used gentle cleaners as such. A big tip is to avoid the overly acidic and harsh over the counter products (think Johnson and Johnson) that can dry out any skin type. The Nana Bella team made us feel at home while teaching us some new skincare tricks that we might have known otherwise.

Feeling fresh and rejuvenated from our facial, we grabbed a bite to eat courtesy of chef Becky Geisel, executive chef of Fell Stone Manor which is a farm-to-table event venue. What differentiates Geisel from other chefs is that every item she presents is freshly made. Other New Jersey event destinations such as Crystal Springs might serve you frozen packages of food, but Geisel's standards are impeccably high- as they fucking should be. Sampling almost everything there, we were blown away how crisp and delicious every single ingredient was, transporting us to a summer day in Fell Stone Manor itself.

To book yourself an appointment with the Nana Bella team, click here.

Photos by Teddy Adolphe and provided by Splash Public Relations.

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