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Valentine's Day 2018 Gift Guide- Clothing Edition

Valentines Day is just another day to get gifts- but if you're going to get a gift, make sure its the best damn gift your #labelingman actually wants. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of clothing out on the market so you can buy it for your loved one...or yourself because that's really the best gift.

Original Penguin Lemons-Vodka Shirt- Pretty self-explanatory on this one. When life gives you lemons, just fucking add vodka. This shirt is perfect for the single guy or an anti-Valentines Day party (we love the annual one at Birds Hollywood). Menswear is always slow to embrace color, so we were excited to see American menswear brand Original Penguin embrace this yellow color for Spring. The shirt is great for your basic layering, adding a soft yellow to your closet that one might not usually have.

SubApollo Sunglasses Subscription Box- The gift that keeps on giving after Valentines Day, because honestly who doesn't have enough pairs of sunglasses. SubApollo is the first ever fashion-forward sunglasses subscription service with curated styles for both men and women. For $15 every season, subscribers receive 2 pairs of sunglasses based on their style preference or switch up your style to try something completely new. With a full retail value of $50-$60 per box, its an easy yet guilt-free way of indulging in an affordable yet fun splurge.

Editor's Note- For Valentine's Day they're actually running a BOGO promotion. When you subscribe you also get an additional free box to anybody aka reward yourself along with somebody special.

Lacoste 'Lettering Sweatshirt- Our go-to brand for both prep and street-chic, this sweatshirt is versatile enough to be worn by either fashion style. The minimalistic Lacoste lettering gives it just enough flair while letting the strong deep red color shine. We love the ribbed detail on the bottom of the sweatshirt which keeps you warmer while giving the sweatshirt some texture. $135 on, free shipping.

2(X)IST Boxer Briefs Three Pack- A little more risque of a gift, there is no better mens designer underwear brand then 2(X)IST. Unlike cheaper wears, 2(X)IST has technological advances to their garments, having the Original Contour Pouch since 1991, designed to support a man on the move. From personal experience, we can tell you that everything stays in place while the durable cotton doesn't break in a few months. The boxer-briefs three pack is now on sale for only $15, grab them in fun colors Navy-Salsa-Lime, or go more basic with Heather Grey and different colored elastic. Either way, your man will be very pleased with these in more ways than one.

CR7 Jeans- The highly success Fall debut from international soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo's denim line continues into Spring 2018, bringing all of the best elements from Fall, while updating the washes and design. Not your average Levi's, the CR7 denim has a European flair to them which is more fitted then the boxy fit more other denims give you. Don't fret though- the CR7 brand focuses on stretch so that even though they fit to your body, you can move around in them easily all day. Most of the jeans right now are priced at around $80 which is a great investment for denim that will last you a lifetime!

Boom Done Shop Apparel- The British apparel line's unique flair is a brand we love to always keep our eye on. For the sarcastic sardonic man, seriously who the fuck actually likes Mondays?! We love that the printing isn't exactly what one would think of but isn't that the whole point of what we hate about Mondays to begin with? We love that the shirts are made with 100% organic jersey cotton and a ribbed neckline which makes them beyond comfortable. Whats even cooler, is that they are only 10 pounds with a portion going to Greenpeace which is a great gift in itself. The shirts come as pictured and in black with white lettering as well.

Original Penguin Lemon Harrington Jacket- We can't get enough of Penguin's new lemon aesthetic and this jacket is great for the upcoming Spring. The subtle embroidered detail of each lemon is a fun whimsical touch for Original Penguin. The ribbed hem and sleeve detail is one of our favorites for classic menswear, giving it a different texture and making it comfortable. The color on the jacket is a dark sapphire blue which can pair perfectly with beige khakis or denim. Versatility is always important in a mens closet and this jacket is the shining example of versatility. Wear it with a t-shirt or dress it up with a bright Original Penguin Washed Linen button down.

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