Valentines Day Gift Guide 2018- Food & Drink Edition

Whether happily in a relationship, miserable in a relationship, single as can be, or any plethora of relationship status, one thing is for sure- Valentines Day is a day for decadent indulgence. Get the inside scoop on the very best food and drink, give them as either a gift to your loved one, best friend, or yourself.

Booze x Love from Tipsy Scoop- Single or in a relationship, there is one consistent amazing gift for Valentines Day- ice cream with alcohol. Tipsy Scoop has been one of our favorite guilty pleasures for years now and soon it'll be yours as well. All of Tipsy Scoop's flavors are inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails which makes for some interesting flavor profiles. Personally, we are mad for the Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet where you can taste the fresh, ripe raspberries blended into the fruity sorbet. The hint of limoncello adds a nice contrast to the raspberries, tasting just enough like boozy ice cream. For those who like sweeter flavors, the Cake Batter Vodka Martini is the way to go. It tastes just like fresh, delicious cake batter with just a hint of vodka.

Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac- For the guy who simply enjoys the finer cognacs in life. The luxurious bottle comes with a gift box, adorned with the emblem of their house- the iconic French cockeral. The first thing we noticed was the deep color of the cognac which makes it versatile. As soon as we tasted it, we noticed the coffee-cappachino flavor with vanilla hints which were exceptional. We love that you can have this cognac neat or on the rocks, enjoyed as an after-dinner drink or with your mates at guys night.

Balls of Steel- Afterdark Edition- A big problem drinkers have during the summer is keeping their wine/cocktail cold while not watering it down and these "Balls of Steel" are the solution to that problem! Simply put the two balls in the freezer for 90 minutes before use to activate the arctic core inside, keeping your drink cool as a cucumber. Whats great about them is they come with a travel sack, instructions, and tongs so they can travel with you to any summer BBQ. All funny puns aside, 15% of proceeds from your purchase is donated directly for testicular cancer cure research.

Editors Note: For $7.75, they also do custom engravings which always puts a personal touch to it.

Ecuador Fine Chocolate- The last thing any guy (or frankly anybody period) wants is those disgusting $7.99 drug-store box of chocolates, we're hopefully always too old for that shit. These exquisite chocolates are made in the Ecuadorian tropics, using only the world's finest beans. What you might not have known about these chocolates is that they are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, and USDA Organic. This checks off every possible problem one could have with any food to begin with. We would recommend getting the four pack as the variety in cocoa lends itself to a new experience every time.

Editors Note: We were told to store chocolate in cool and dry place, avoiding the sunlight and to not refrigerate.

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