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EDIT: 04.25.2018

Top: Tee Ink

Top: Lacoste | Denim: Levi's | Sandals: Lacoste

Top: Raga Man | Denim: H&M | Sneakers: Vans

Top: H&M | Denim: Levi's | Sneakers: Vans

Top: Raga Man | Denim: Levin's | Sneakers: Vans | Socks: Sock it up!

Top: Tee Ink | Denim: Levi's | Sneakers: Vans

Top: Atiziano| Denim: H&M | Sneakers: Lacoste | Socks: Ohh Yeah Socks

Top: Lacoste | Khakis: H&M | Sandals: Lacoste

Model: Martin Motto

Photography by Amelia Williams

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