Travel Accessories Guide 2018

We feel more and more here at Labeling Men that the seasons blend into each other and especially when traveling, you need products that can transition between day and night. Here are some of our go-to for accessories that can be worn dressed up or down.

1. ESQ Watch- A watch can elevate any outfit and this one from ESQ (a brand new watch company) is our favorite of the bunch. The black embossed croco band gives it texture while the stainless steel face is sturdy enough for travel. The beauty of this watch is you can pair it with a white t-shirt and jeans or wear it with formal wear for dinner. We especially like the two-toned of the face which makes it stand out with any outfit you may wear.

2. Lacoste 'Fanny Pack- Fanny packs are back in- that doesn't mean yours has to look like it was bought at the 99 cents store. The functionality of a 'fanny pack' is important, keeping all your essentials in one spot while thwarting those pesky pick-pocketers. Lacoste's version is chic, made from soft Italian leather and an adjustable woven strap so any body type could use it. The zipper adds an extra elegance and great for safety.

3. Fleur'd Pins- Our go-to for mens lapels goes metallic with subtle platino metallic. Hand-crafted in New York, the pins are great for the guy who might be more classic, giving a nice hint of metallic to spruce up a classic black suit. Since you might not be able to travel with too many statement pieces, the pin is easy to travel with and giving your outfit that extra pizazz!

4. Original Penguin Oxford Porkpie Hat- Fun in the sun usually comes with a price- really bad sunburns. To prevent that while not smelling like sunscreen while still being on trend, a stylish hat is everything. The Original Penguin hat has a green accented band that wraps around it, giving it an unexpected twist. The beige/khaki color is perfect for mixing and matching with a wide variety of outfits while the lightweight feel of the hat makes it comfortable even in the heat.

5. Immunocologie Clay Mask- We have to always include a skincare product because while traveling, we generally change our eating and drinking habits. The clay mask isn't like other cheap ones that dry out your skin- this one not only cleans it but simultaneously hydrates and purifies your skin. The important aspect to this mask is it has the technology to literally adapt to you skin's needs. Sounds about right, since it's actually made from three of the earth's clays and 12 essential minerals. If you're gone for a long weekend, we'd recommend using 1-2 times, while if you're away for a week plus, use 2-3 times a week for the best effect.

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