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9.6.18 2:00pm Acid NYC

The New York City based design duo of Evelyn Luna and Scott Chester always manage to live up to their brands's namesake and this show was no different. The bright colors of purples, greens, and orange were blended with their trademark 'acid' technique. We love when brands use the same models and seeing #muse Brett David strutting down the runway made us feel like we were back at their very first show. The tailoring of the shorts sent down the runway were a detail not to be missed, keeping the balance of the shirts. Diversity has never been an issue for ACID NYC, seeing the clothing on a variety of skintones really matters when paler skins could worry about how some of these vibrant colors can look. We like the direction the brand is going in and you can purchase their looks here

9.6.18 5:00pm- Virtruvius

Student work can have a negative connotation in the fashion industry, but if there is student work like this, please sign us up for more. The education entity which is based in Vancouver, Canada, offers their students conceptual and technical fashion training which translates into unique art pieces aka fashion. The collection's name Virtruvius means 'I am Astronaut’ and was "Inspired by the news of the discovery of an earth-like planet, using their imaginations to create garments inspired by aliens, planets, moons, and gravity." We enjoyed the use of current materials such as PVC on both the mens and women's looks. The designers were able to mix the unconventional material into black and white outfits, making them wearable yet fashion forward at the same time. Our favorite look was the one pictured above, the tailoring on a pant that is slouchy yet fitting at the same time is no easy task. The layering with navy on top with a shirt and a long jacket played off the volume of the pant perfectly, wanting us to know just where we will be able to purchase that outfit come Spring 2019. The collection overall was innovative and chic, we can't wait to see what these students have in store for us next NYFW!

9.6.18 8:00pm Celebrity Page Party

To kick off the start to New York Fashion Week, we attended the Celebrity Page NYFW Party at Penthouse 45. We were immediately greeted with martinis, courtesy of Bonefish Grill. Serving classic 'old-time' favorites, we switched between the Cosmopolitan which never really went out of style and the Long Island Iced Tea martini which was actually delicious. Mixing fashion into it as it is NYFW, there was also a custom fashion installation by celebrity designer Dalia MacPhee, showcasing her Spring 2019 collection. The collection, while stunning on its own, was amplified by the stunning backdrop of Penthouse 45 and the New York City skyline.

Making our way across the room, we spotted Thorgy Thor New York City drag queen extraordinaire and Rupaul's Drag Race contestant. A delight to talk to, Thorgy was giving us some great makeup tips while enjoying taking pictures with her devoted fans. Spotted to our left was Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley who had a posse with her, including boyfriend John Mahdessian whose company Madame Paulette's was one of the events sponsors. Their stain kit works really well and has been known to get us in out of a tight jam when wine spillage has occurred. This being a celebrity event and all, we finally got to meet celebrity stylist Pilar Scratch and her twin sister Madison who were as sweet as can be! As far as the rest of the night was, the party went past its initial closing time with many of the guests hopping on the martini train as the night progressed. The night was everything New York Fashion Week should be and we thank Celebrity Page for having us at their event!

By Nisim Frank

All Nolcha Show pictures provided by Alyson Roy.

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