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Saturday nights in New York City are best spent at a fabulous art exhibition and that's just what we did. Held at the Chase Contemporary's new spot in Chelsea, artist Liu Shuishi presented his exhibition of stunning paintings. Shuishi’s work has been a lifetime of exploration the dichotomy of Western and Eastern art, fusing together the two. His thick paint strokes are a traditional Chinese art technique which is evident in many of his pieces. The abstractness of the art pieces is what brings the Western elements into his art. We enjoyed seeing color in his pieces which blended seamlessly with the bold figures painted. Mixing and mingling with art enthusiasts, we learned more about Shuishi's mindframe and his perception of human nature from the inside-out so to speak. The exhibit was a huge hit with everybody there and we can't imagine what Shuishi will come up with next.

About Liu Shuishi: "Shuishi exhibited at the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, the Salon Du Carrousel du Louvre in 2009, The Grand Palace Paris in 2009, National Art Museum of China Beijing in 2006, along with scores of gallery exhibitions in China and abroad. While Shuishi has shown extensively over the past 15 plus years, this exhibition is the first time a large body of work is available for presentation, as well as private and museum acquisition."

You can see the painting for yourself until the end of the month at 521 West 23rd Street.

Top Photo provided by Seventh House PR.

By Nisim Frank

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