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9.9.2018 2:00pm - Just in XX

Sitting front row at the main stage, we were eagerly anticipating the SS19 collection dubbed F@$HITION from Just in XX. Designer Justin Yu-Ying Chou brings his Taiwanese streetwear aesthetic to the runway, twisting classic patterns, distressed tailoring, and playing with geometric lines to show that beauty is perfect while perceivably imperfect. Chou built the collection on the fact that "Beauty should not be constrained to one standard”. The collection was colored in classic black and white but with the geometric prints and lines, it stood out more so than usual. Partnering with NIKE whose shoes really brought home the point that this is a collection that really is street-wear that is worn in modern times. The runway show was innovative and imaginative, bringing out rapper OZI in the middle of the show, keeping the pizzazz we know and love from NYFW intact.

9.9.2018 2:45pm -Christopher Lowman Presentation

A five minute walk to the Jimmy at the James Hotel in Soho, Christopher Lowman is debuting his second collection at NYFW. For his SS19 collection, Lowman took inspiration from the 1980’s Summer Olympics. Fusing street style with luxury fabrics we loved the imaginative interpretation of how the 1980's looks would look in the modern era. The collection merged the hard lines that were famous in the 80's with a touch of edginess. We liked the use of mixed modern materials including neoprene, nylons, and cow-hides. Part of what makes any presentation pop is how its accessorized and we loved seeing jewelry brand Currency NY on the models, looking like an updated medal. The shoes were provided by Dr. Martens, giving the looks an easy casualness. The music in the background playing homage to Olympians and the hotel views were the perfect backdrop to Lowman's collection.

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