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#EYHO BV's Grill Fall/Winter '18 Menu Preview

When one lives in New York City, its hard for us sometimes to even imagine places outside of "the city". We went to BV's Grill at The Time Nyack- a hop and a skip away without all the traffic that you may run into traveling to the Hamptons. The bus took us along with other writers and foodie bloggers up for an exclusive preview of their Fall/Winter menu. Whisked away into a private section of the restaurant, we fell in love with the openess of the space and being able to smell actual nature. The eight-person table setting allowed us to sit down and get to know people you may have seen around at an event or two which was a great idea orchestrated by Splash PR maven Heather Grubin. Luckily for us, we already knew blogger Sarah Chiwaya who knew somebody who knew another friend and our table was clearly the best of the night. The Chardonnay paired with the meal was bold, fruity, but didn't overpower anything. Some had glasses of Prosecco which was excellent and refreshing. The ten course meal was something out of a celebrity experience so here is our review on each course we were presented.

1. Shrimp Saute- A fresh start to the tasting, the shrimp tasted very fresh and we particularly enjoyed the unique sauce which was a tabasco & coconut cream sauce.

2. Wild Mushroom Flatbread- We like when a flatbread actually has a lot on it and this one didn't disappoint. The caramelized onions paired well with the mushrooms and the goat cheese brought it all together.

3. Over Roasted Bone Marrow- If you're a foodie that's into unusual delicacies, this is for you. I particularly don't get it but everybody else at the table was raving. For those who eat bone marrow, Sarah said it was really good and not gelatin-like.

4. Chioggia Beet Salad- Had to defer to my fiance who loves beets on this one. He said it was a "modern twist on a normally older persons vegetable". The grilled apple, Horseraddish dressing, and Pumpkinseeds gave it a sophistication that normally isn't associated with beets.

5. Lobster Roll- Subtle flavors with Mango and Kiwi puree. Personally, I preferred the Dynamite Roll below but if you like light textures and flavors, this is your roll.

6. Dynamite Roll- Shrimp tempura roll on crack. As with the first course, the shrimp was fresh and delicious. The key was that the shrimp was lightly breaded, the avocado added a nice creamy texture and the side of wasabi added a kick.

7. Smoked Wild Boar Ribs- They fell off the bone when you touched them. If that isn't a sign of how good they were, then I don't know what is. The homemade Chipotle-Peach BBQ sauce was delicious, only enhancing the flavor instead of the ribs slobbering in sauce in order to mask poor meat quality. I could have had an entire course just with more and more of those ribs.

8. Monkfish- A first for me, Monkfish has a thicker texture than most fish but not as fishy as most others. Paired with an amazing coconut cream sauce, the monkfish was one of my favorite of the evening. Served with a side of spinach spaetzle (German pasta)- another first- we'd recommend you to try this dish just to get out of the normal 'comfort zone' of food.

9. Grilled Bison Burger- Burger and fries elevated with Camembert cheese and a Carbernet & Balsamic glaze instead of clunky ketchup. The opposite of the last course, this is a go-to for anybody who isn't an adventurous foodie or can't decide just what to get...or a late night drunk dinner. We are still salivating, looking at the picture below.

10. Chocolate Cake- It was delicious, simply put. Everybody was full but there is always room for dessert!

By Nisim Frank

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