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Fall 2018 Fashion Gift Guide

New season, new clothing. Check out some of our must-haves for Fall 2018.

4. Original Penguin Slim Fit Corduroy Chino- A modern take on the classic corduroy pant that has come back as a Fall staple. Penguin transforms these first by nixing the ridges which men complain rub up against their leg. The pants still have a softness to them and without those ridges, they become easier to wear year-round. Another issue that we have with Cord pants is that they are ridged & stiff- but Penguin fixes that too! They put a little bit of spandex in it so they stretch and allow you to be comfortable. We love the subtle texture of the pants, making them look fancy yet super comfortable- We're going to display just that by wearing them to a wedding and then a casual look this week. While we love black, we also recommend the Navy as its hard to find a good navy that isn't too black and for preppy #labelingmen, this could be paired with a variety of outfits.

7. Mens Bonsai Shirt from LALF- Every man needs a basic shirt in their closet and this one is the best of the best. Sustainability has become more and more important not only to us, but to our readers as well. Made only from vegan and organic materials, the polo is made from Fair Trade in Peru. The polo's breathable cotton jersey allows you to wear it all day while not sweating and the sleeves are hemmed for a more refined look. We would pair them with the Original Penguin corduroys we mentioned above or if you want to keep it more casual, a denim is always an easy option. The limited edition collection is LALF's debut and it was done to support DSWT which is an organization that is a rehabilitation center for orphaned elephants. Anytime fashion supports a good cause like that, you can sign us up for it and well-made clothing is the added bonus.

Photos courtesy of Original Penguin, Lacoste, Seventh House PR, Now & Zen, & AMP3.

By Nisim Frank

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