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#INCROWD- KEF New LSX Speaker Debut

Last week, we traveled to premiere Midtown loft space 38 Parlor to attend the exclusive unveiling of KEF's new LSX speaker debut. KEF is known for one of the best sound quality speakers and the LSX builds on just that. These speakers offer the same amazing studio quality sound with a much more compact design than their LS50 Wireless Speaker. KEF is the best out there, so naturally, they had the best design their speaker- British industrial designer award winner Michael Young. The speakers which will come out on five luxury fabric colorways made by Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat- black, olive, blue, burgundy, and white- were all set up in spaced around the loft, showcasing how they could be displayed right in your own home.

We thought the idea of hosting the party in the loft was a wonderful idea. While you could see how the speakers would be set up in a room, the speakeasy vibe of the loft only added to the intimacy of the event. The cocktails even took on the inspiration of the speaker colors, matching them to utter perfection. We loved the idea of the pop of color the speakers bring to a room while not being too loud, they add a nice color and texture to any space. While finding out more about KEF, we were also treated to passed Hors d'oeuvres , including our favorite Chicken & Waffles with injectable syrup.

A hour into the event, we were able to get a first listen of the speaker quality, first by a Q&A with KEF Global Ambassador Johan Coorg and then some questions for singer/songwriter Tyler Hilton. Hilton who guest starred for multiple seasons on our favorite One Tree Hill, sang for us some new songs from his upcoming album, City On Fire. The crowd was really enjoying the new songs, enthusiastically cheering Hilton on after each song. Our personal favorite was Hilton's cover of Rihanna's "Stay" which was an delightful treat to our musical buds. The speakers were definitely up to par with those for a nicely sized venue, crisp and clear as can be.

The LSX speaker will retail for $1100 for the pair and be available through KEF Direct, Amazon, Magnolia Design Center, as well as other participating KEF authorized dealers.

By Nisim Frank

All photos courtesy of AMP3 PR.

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