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NYFW: A/W2015 Katty Xiomara

Katty Xiomara
Katty Xiomara
Katty Xiomara
Katty Xiomara

Our last show of the weekend was the main event of Nolcha Fashion Week, Portuguese up-and-coming designer Katty Xiomara. Attending the show were numerous VIPS, including A-List star Christina Milan, who walked in hand-in-hand with her sister, who was wearing an exclusive Katty Xiomara design. However, once everybody stopped looking at all the celebrities, we were reminded very quickly the reason why we we were all there. Xiomara sent down her "RE-evolution" collection, filled with intricate prints, a variety of colors with whites, greens, and navys being the standouts. We loved the rock n' roll music, heavy red eyeliner, severe middle-parted hair and tough boots that accompanied the designs. We had some more questions about her show and Xiomara was happy enough to fill in the blanks.

Labeling Men: Explain your inspiration and the concept of "Re-Evolution."

Katty Xiomara: Evolve in a revolutionary perspective. Like the battle that nature crashes with the mankind evolution, this collection claims the right to be female. It’s an elixir of irreverence that pushes for a more feminine outline the concepts more masculine of military uniform. And in a more optimistic vision speaks to us of the need to respect what is natural and alive. This collection seeks the natural organic urban direction in contrast with the countryside. It's about understanding the nature and then integrates it in our society in an urban valorization. As a result this mixture, revolutionary military and naturalist, a wave of free and spontaneous movements, emerge pure and clean forms, involving and textured.

L.M: What is your favorite piece?

K.X: In a way it's unfair to pick one piece of the entire collection. It was made as a whole, but if I had to choose a look that could transmit the entire spirit I might choose the first look, the one that opened the show.

L.M: What makes your collections stand out from the competition?

K.X: The brand is based on my vision of fashion and of a contemporary urban woman and who lives intensely. This vision includes an obstinate passion for details, by mixing materials, patterns, colors and textures. I think it is a very personal vision and that's what distinguishes the brand from others.

L.M: Give us three words to describe the collection.

K.X: Revolution, evolution, urban-nature.

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