NYFW: A/W2015 Lacoste

Our very first invite this season was from Lacoste and we happily accepted in anticipation to see what they would bring to the table this season. The collection was neither masculine nor femenine, but both equally. The strong heritage, yet contemporary relevant line continues to turn out amazing clothing year after year. The inspiration this season pays tribute to "winter tennis," which pairs the lightness of your classic sportswear and with tailored oversized coats to provide warmth. The specific tailoring was inspired by the refinement of the 1930s and the bold colors of the 70s.

Taking a playful tone, the collection is filled with the slogans "Rene did it first" and "Tennis Anyone." We absolutely loved that they took such a bold chance that only made the clothing stand out even more. The colors are, as always, signature Lacoste: grass green, red, and blue mixed with lime and vibrant purples. Lacoste even took a page out of their own archives by giving some of the men sneakers from 1963 that Rene Lacoste himself wore on the tennis courts. As always, our #CaptainKennedy will be clamoring to buy every menswear piece from the collection.

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