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NYFW: A/W2015 Nolcha Fashion Week Media Fashion Lounge


Nolcha Fashion Week held their semi-annual Media Fashion Lounge at the newest location of steakhouse Fogo de Chao. We managed to stop in between shows to check out the emerging, independent brand newcomers to the fashion world. We caught up with footwear brand Paul Drish, and adored their spring line filled with loafers and beautiful leather bags. Right next to them, we met with a rep from Schyler 4 Collective, which is an international showroom just making their presence known in America. Our personal favorite was Codice, a fun knitwear brand. Modeling for Schyler was Brett David, Rochelle's Creative Director and Labeling Men interviewee.

Walking upstairs, we ventured over to the table of custom suiting accessories by Taylord Blu. Loving this collection for our #CaptainKennedy, #HopelessRomantic, and #SouthernCharmer, we fawned over the silk iridescent pocket squares and bow-ties that we haven't seen anywhere else. We spoke with founder Marlin Jones about his line.

"What's interesting is the reason why I started this...about 15 years ago I was in a TGIF in Columbus, Ohio and I could never find anything I really liked going into a store, because I'm kind of conservative and not gaudy. I thought to myself 'How cool would it be if I had my own clothing line,' and we are here today and this is what I'm doing!," Jones said. "The store is a hour southeast of Cleveland, we have an online boutique. All of our pieces are handmade, all of my own silk...It can be a custom order if you'd like."

Shop his collection at for your custom made piece today.

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